January 23, 2019

Why having a mobile experience will help you enhance your customer service strategy

Having a mobile experience will help you enhance your customer service strategy

In this blog series, we reveal how providing a mobile experience will help you deliver seamless member experiences, build strong relationships with your members, and more.

In our first blog, we explored how a mobile experience enhances your members’ productivity through real-time connectivity and mobile resources. In this blog, we will tackle how having a first-class mobile experience will help you deliver a seamless member experience and enhance your service strategy.

In a study done by Google and Purchased, the three most common positive descriptors of mobile brand experiences were: easy, helpful, and convenient. In thinking through how you want to enhance your service strategy, you’ll want to ensure that your mobile experience encompasses these three things, and more.

Google and Purchased - Mobile Experiences

Let’s start with ‘easy’.

This will come down to whether your mobile experience has been designed with your members in mind. When choosing which mobile technology provider you want to partner with, make sure that your partner is focused on providing a user-centric, intuitive mobile experience for your members. Optix takes a user-centric approach to designing mobile apps for coworking brands around the world.

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Let’s talk about ‘helpful’.

As a venue manager, you’ll want to understand what experiences or actions are most important to your members. Is it interacting with their community or being able to easily access the space? Most likely it’s both – in addition to an array of other things. By understanding the key actions that your members want to perform, you will be able to provide a mobile experience that is helpful.

Let’s zoom in on ‘convenient’.

Employees of organizations and members of coworking spaces are expecting digital experiences that enable them to connect and interact with the office – both when they are physically there as well as when they are on-the-go.

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A mobile experience allows your members to perform key actions in real-time. In Optix, an example of this is being able to report an issue to your team as soon as they see it – whether it’s a burnt out light bulb in the hallway, or a loud noise coming from the kitchen. Your members also won’t need to wait until they arrive at home to respond to a message they’ve received from a fellow coworker or wait until they arrive at their coworking space to book a desk. Being able to perform these key actions on-the-go is what will make your mobile experience convenient.

Offering a mobile experience also offers more convenience for you, as a manager. You’ll be able to grab the attention of your members when you need to. Whether it’s to advertise an event that’s about to kick off or announcing that the Wi-Fi is down, you’ll be able to reach your members in real-time.

And, lastly – let’s focus on how your mobile experience should act as an extension of you.

Your app should act as an extension of you and your service team. You won’t always be there to answer a question or help a member perform an action, such as a booking a meeting room, and you shouldn’t have to be their single ‘go-to’.

Having a mobile experience enables you to deliver seamless experiences with more efficiency, enhancing your overall service strategy. A mobile experience empowers your members, giving them the control to create their own path and perform their own actions. Best of all, even though you aren’t involved in a specific action, your brand still is. Opening up your app and booking a meeting room, with just a few taps, creates a small, positive brand experience that will continue to reinforce the value that you are providing to your members.

Providing a seamless mobile experience that is easy, helpful, and convenient is important in enhancing your customer service strategy and important for your business. Try Optix today for free today and evaluate whether Optix’s mobile experience is a good fit for your business!