November 1, 2018

Why having a mobile experience will help your members be more productive

Why having a mobile experience will help your members be more productive

In this blog series, we reveal how providing a mobile experience will help you deliver seamless member experiences, build strong relationships with your members, and more.

In our first blog, we explore how a mobile experience enhances your members’ productivity through real-time connectivity and mobile resources.

The amount of time spent on ­mobile devices at work is increasing. In a recent study done by Oxford Economics, 500 senior IT and business leaders were surveyed and 80% said their employees can’t do their jobs effectively without a mobile device. Not only are we reliant on our mobile devices to get work done, we are depending more and more on our smartphones to help us stay connected and productive – even when we are away from our desks.

The business world has gone mobile

There is no doubt that mobile usage is on the rise as Deloitte estimates that 78% of the world’s population own a smartphone and that users look at phones an average of 47 times per day. As mobile internet usage surpassed desktop and laptop usage two years ago, the mobile experience is becoming largely defined by customized mobile apps rather than mobile sites – an overwhelming 86% mobile users prefer apps to mobile sites.

It’s easy to understand why – apps are simpler to navigate and allow tasks or actions to be completed in a few taps or swipes. They are customized to fit the specific needs of the mobile user leading to users increasingly gravitating to brands that offer in-app mobile experiences.

Another trend driving the mobile revolution is the advent of millennial workers in the workforce. Millennials are tech-savvy and care about consuming and sharing information more efficiently and on the go. Catering to their needs and ways of working calls for mobile apps.

Why mobility increases productivity

As we shift gears by going mobile, there is a growing consensus that ties mobile phones to increased productivity. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, six in 10 employees say mobile technology makes them more productive, while more than four in 10 believe it causes their creativity to rise.

There are many reasons why mobile experiences drive productivity. First, through sustained connectivity either during office hours or post-office hours, employees are able to collaborate more frequently and seamlessly through apps. Community features; such as Optix’s Community Feed and Connect features, empower users to stay in touch with their coworkers and offer pertinent updates in real-time.

Second, the design of a mobile app permits the inclusion of tools and resources that can aid employees’ workflows. With an end-to-end mobile app, your coworking space members can book a meeting room, connect with their community on-demand, expedite payments, and more – all in one platform.

A true end-to-end mobile experience

The ideal mobile experience shouldn’t only be laden with tools and features, but it should also be intuitive enough to drive engagement. With an easy-to-use interface, your members will be encouraged to use your mobile app more and tap into your feature toolkit. A counter-intuitive mobile app that might be equipped with the right tools but requires a steep learning curve will have the opposite effect of discouraging your users.

Why having a mobile experience will help your members be more productive

Providing an all-in-one mobile experience that permits connectivity, offers tools and core functionality, and is simple to use, will help your members increase their productivity as they work out ofuse your coworking space. Helping your members work better is a valuable offering for your business and can be your competitive edge. Try Optix for free today toand evaluate whether Optix’s mobile experience is a good fit for your business and your members!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we tackle how having a first-class mobile experience will help you deliver a seamless member experience and enhance your service strategy.