Optix Kisi Case Study: Collective by Goosecup

Learn about how Goosecup leveraged Optix and Kisi to streamline it’s operations
By The Optix Team
August 31, 2021
Coworking software case study - Optix x Collective by Goosecuo

About Collective by Goosecup:

  • In operation since January, 2021
  • Operates as a coworking space, bar, coffee shop and restaurant
  • Located in Leesburg, Virginia
  • 150+ member community

As the dust settled after the initial shock of the pandemic, a window of opportunity emerged for flex workspace providers catering to remote workers tired of the distractions and isolation of working from home.

Goosecup sprung into existence to support the changing needs of the post-pandemic workforce. Operating with a coffee shop, bar, and restaurant on its lower level and a dedicated coworking space, Collective by Goosecup, on the second floor, this flex operator was on the lookout for a solution to harmonize its multifaceted operations, all the while crafting a first-class member experience.

“Goosecup is that collaborative space where you can take a few minutes, grab a drink, chat with someone, free your brain up from work mode - all the things you need to be your most effective when you get back into it.”
Derek Henry, Director of Operations at Goosecup

The need to simplify operations and streamline workflows

Coworking software case study - Optix x Collective by Goosecuo

Goosecup’s doors are open from 7AM until 11 PM. Its coworking members are likely to start their day downstairs with a coffee and move back and forth between the floors over the course of the day – coming down for lunch, going back up for an afternoon burst, winding down over a cocktail or a glass of wine and wrapping back up.

One of Collective by Goosecup’s founding principles was to afford its members an energetic work environment with a teeming community, while at the same time permitting much-needed social interactions away from the desk. Given its multifaceted operations, Goosecup wanted to ensure that it partnered with a technology platform that could handle its unique needs as well as provide them with full oversight and insight into how their business was performing.

Goosecup signed up for Optix and started reaping the benefits of an all-in-one platform right away. Doing away with spreadsheets, the team took full control of the many needs of their coworking business from managing their resources to engaging community members in one easy-to-use platform.

“Optix is a very user-friendly, straightforward management platform. It takes all of the spreadsheets, cold calling, customer management, and puts it into one easy app to work with. It's just been this operational workhorse that's been able to take a lot of the day-to-day off of my shoulders.”
Derek Henry, Director of Operations at Goosecup

With their space management needs fully satisfied, Goosecup decided to take it a step further and curate a unique experience for their members using the Optix white label app. Members are able to order drinks and food from downstairs with an easy click of a button through their app and have it delivered to them upstairs.

Freeing up member movement with easy check-ins

To afford the fluid movement of people coming and going between floors, the safety and security of its members’ valuables was also an important consideration, as well as the ease of access to and from the workspace.

Coworking software case study - Optix x Collective by Goosecuo

Goosecup was drawn to the Optix + Kisi integration. Kisi’s keyless entry system, when integrated with the Optix platform, allowed Goosecup to automatically share access to its coworking space with its members. At the same time, non-members are restricted from the space.

“Allowing our members that freedom of access without the burden of having to find someone to let you in, but then also that security of knowing that they can leave their laptop up there while going downstairs and grabbing a coffee, is great.”
Derek Henry, Director of Operations at Goosecup

Goosecup was thus able to empower its members with the freedom to move as freely as possible. With everything in place, Goosecup eliminated key cards or fobs, ensured the security of its members, optimized and simplified their operations – all without taxing their existing staff.

Curating a unique experience

“One of the things that really drew me to both Optix and Kisi is the seamless integration. It's just this super ease of access from start to finish.”
Derek Henry, Director of Operations at Goosecup

Together, Optix and Kisi are committed to extending the functionalities of their two systems so that coworking and flexible office administrators can continue to craft the perfect workspace experience for their members.

About Optix

Optix is the leading platform for coworking spaces and flexible offices. Optix seamlessly connects your users with the community, resources, and services that your workplace has to offer.

About Kisi

Kisi is the industry-leading access control solution. Kisi enables you to offer your members seamless access into your coworking space via their smartphones.