March 28, 2019

Marketing your coworking space to new members can seem both daunting and expensive. Yet it doesn’t have to be either of those things. You don’t need to be a marketing guru or run million-dollar campaigns to successfully attract your target audience.

There are plenty of low-cost (and sometimes even free) marketing tactics you can use to effectively grow your space.


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10 marketing tactics that bring new members to your coworking space

When making buying decisions, it is rare for people to move immediately from discovery to purchase. Instead, people typically go through what’s known as a buying cycle. This is generally broken down into three stages:

Awareness: The potential member finds out about your coworking space.

Evaluation: They know about your space and are deciding whether it’s the right fit for them.

Purchase: They’ve done their research and are ready to make a decision, they may just need an extra nudge to set up a membership.

When you first open your coworking space, your marketing efforts should be focused on building awareness. Here are some low-cost tactics you can use at each buying stage to accelerate your growth.

People working in a lively coworking space

Awareness Stage


Your biggest challenge when launching your coworking space is a lack of awareness. Creating personal connections with potential members can be a great, low-cost way to build awareness. Chamber of Commerce events, meetups, and industry association events provide great opportunities to start your networking.

Target local startups

Local startups are the perfect target for coworking spaces. The flexibility and amenities offered by coworking spaces are typically very attractive to small companies. Beyond this, because they bring a team with them, targeting startups and small businesses can create more revenue than focusing on individual memberships. To get their attention, do a little research and then email or call to discuss the specific benefits you think will attract them most.

Leverage Google Ads

You don’t need a big budget or digital marketing expertise to take advantage of the powerful Google Ads platform. Google offers support in managing your campaigns, regardless of your budget, and can assist with campaign optimization and audience targeting.   

Set up a strong website

Person filling out personal details on coworking website

Anyone who hears about you is likely to visit your website next. It’s crucial to put your best digital foot forward by being easy to find and optimizing your coworking site to impress them. Some key things you can do include:

  • Focusing on search engine optimization to rank for specific keywords your prospects search, such as ‘Coworking [city name]’. Free tools like the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress and Woorank’s SEO analysis tool can help.
  • Making sure you include lead-capturing mechanisms like a contact form and newsletter sign-up on your site to follow up with prospects and move them into the consideration stage.

Create a referral program

Your existing members are often your best marketing asset. Studies have shown that 84% of people trust a recommendation more than any other marketing tactic. So why not encourage happy members to spread the word? Setting up a referral program for your coworking space can help you tap into their networks to grow your space fast.

Host events & open houses

Events can be one of your best marketing tactics. There are lots of coworking event types you can host that both boost your members’ experience and sell your space to the friends they bring along. You can also offer a discount to members as an incentive to host their own events in your space. This is a very low-cost, low-effort tactic that covers both the awareness and evaluation stage, bringing new people in and letting them look around.

Open your space up to non-members

Two peop;le having a conversation in coworking space

There are always people looking for a great place to host meeting, events and parties. Allowing non-member bookings is great tactic that helps to create brand awareness and provides potential members the opportunity to experience your space – all in a low-commitment way.

Pro Tip: Marketplace platforms like Sharedesk, LiquidSpace and Croissant are great tools for facilitating non-member bookings.

Evaluation Stage

Give tours

Once you’ve got a potential member’s attention, invite them for a tour of your space. This gives them the opportunity to take a good look around, get a feel for your community and see the great perks/amenities you offer. If you can, try to bring along a couple of your space’s biggest advocates. Hearing them sing your praises can help you seal the deal.

Pro Tip: Include a CTA on your website allowing people to request a tour themselves. 

Event Invitations

Similar to a tour, inviting potential members to your events is a great way to sell them on your space. Members will naturally be in the mood to mingle and make them feel like part of the community. To help ensure success, make a point of introducing prospects to members that you know would be great contacts. That way they see the networking opportunities your space offers.

Offer a free trial

Coworking space members working at a table

You may have captured your potential member’s interest, but it never hurts to give them a final nudge. By offering a free trial, you let them experience the day-to-day vibe of your space and how nice it is to work from. This will help drive home how much better a membership with you would be than working from home.

The most important thing to remember is to meet your potential members where they are. There’s no point attending a networking event for new freelancers if your target audience is well-established entrepreneurs. Put in the effort to understand your ideal member and where they’re most active. That way you can put together a coworking marketing plan specifically tailored to bring them into your space.


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