Coworking Software Reimagined

Optix is reimagining coworking software. Say hello to the all-in-one platform for flex space management.
People working with coworking software
People working with coworking software

your operations

Save time and simplify your day-to-day operations with modern coworking software that helps you stay ahead.
“When my members need something, I need to be able to address it or it needs to be self-serve. Now with Optix, everything is automated and everything works.”

Optimize your performance

Take the guesswork out of running your flex space business. Make better decisions with tailored analytics and smart insights.
“1880 Bardo’s Optix-powered app increases the coworking space’s operational efficiency. The ease of setting up accounts and generating tailor-made plans makes my life a lot easier.”

Grow your business

Grow your coworking business faster with tools that go beyond the space. Turn your flex space into a revenue-driving machine.
“I can't speak highly enough of the Optix team. Anytime we've had a recommendation, they’ve taken it into consideration. I feel valued that they care.”

Elevate your experience

Enable a more delightful day-to-day experience. Elevate the user experience with a coworking software that sweats the small stuff.
“It has definitely been a game changer. Having the flexibility to handle invoices, book rooms and do everything from your phone has been super wonderful. I know our users are loving it.”

5,000+ integrations

A fully integrated coworking software solution. Build custom workflows and automations between Optix and your favorite tools.
  • ezeep logo - Optix and ezeep integration
  • eventbrite logo - Optix and eventbrite integration
  • IronWifi logo - Optix and IronWifi Integration
  • Kisi logo- Optix and Kisi integration
  • Zapier logo - Optix and Zapier integration
  • Xero logo - Optix and Xero integration
  • Google calendar and Optix integration for coworking spaces
    Google Calendar
  • Paypal and Optix integration for coworking spaces
  • Optix Mailchimp Integration for coworking spaces
  • Stripe logo - Optix and Stripe integration
  • Slack and Optix integration for coworking spaces
  • Hubspot logo - Optix and Hubspot integration
  • Signow and Optix integration for coworking spaces
  • Optix and Salesforce integration for coworking spaces
  • Freshbooks and Optix integration
  • Optix and Skype integration for coworking spaces
  • Zendesk and Optix integration for coworking spaces
  • Quickbooks logo - Optix and Quickbooks integration
  • Optix Mailchimp Integration for coworking spaces
  • Surveypal and Optix integration

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