Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking spaces

Save time with Plan Templates

Do you offer a few standard membership Plans for all your users? Save time on creating Plans with Plan Templates. Customize your templates, from products to price, make them available to purchase in-app or on your website.

“The ability to match our brand to our Plans and Passes' colors is huge! It’s clear that Optix appreciates how important brand is in growing our business.”
Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking spaces

Customize Plans

Plans were made to be as versatile as you are. Design your Plans in Optix based on your business’s unique needs. Control how users access your space, resources, products, and more.

  • Set the price of your Plans
  • Include Resources, Check-ins, products, and more
  • Determine the billing date
  • Include a free trial if you choose
Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking spaces

Forecast growth with Plans analytics

Membership Plans help you predict your recurring revenue. See how your Plans are performing, and which are preferred by whom, with detailed data and analytics available directly in Optix.

Use these analytics to forecast your growth and drive better business results.

Drive recurring revenue

Make membership Plans available for users to purchase from any mobile device, and drive more revenue for your business.

  • Simplify Plan purchasing with a mobile-first platform
  • Add Plans to users directly from your admin dashboard
  • Create custom Plans to fit the varied needs of your members

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Create a Plan to fit every need

With robust customization options, every Plan is possible in Optix

Custom Plans

Create as many custom membership Plans as you need

Plan Templates

Use Plan Templates for recurring, always-on Plans

Set custom start date

Create a unique start date for each Plan

Custom invoicing cadence

Set a unique invoicing cadence for each Plan

Custom currency

Allow for Plan purchasing with custom currency

Free trials

Offer a free trial of your Plans

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate with your favorite tools to better understand your business


Plans are recurring subscriptions that you can create and assign to users or teams. They help organize memberships and facilitate recurring revenue for your coworking space.

Plans are designed to be extremely versatile. You can customize Plans based on your business’s unique needs, controlling user access to space, Resources, products, and more. Set prices, include various elements, decide billing cycle start dates, and even offer free trials.

Optix provides detailed data and analytics for your Membership Plans. You can analyze Plan performance, understand user preferences, and use this information to predict recurring revenue. These insights empower you to forecast growth and make informed business decisions.

Yes, Optix is a mobile-first platform, making it convenient for users to purchase Membership Plans from any mobile device. This feature aims to drive more revenue for your coworking business.

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