Organize your memberships and drive recurring revenue.

Plans are recurring subscriptions that you create in Optix. Create your Plans and add them to users or teams. Use Plan revenue to make accurate forecasting predictions. Plans help you better manage your recurring revenue so you can grow your business faster.

Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking spaces

Save time with Plan Templates

Do you offer a few standard membership Plans for all your users? Save time on creating Plans with Plan Templates. Customize your templates, from products to price, and offer them to users to purchase in-app or on your website.

Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking spaces

Customize plans

Plans were made to be as versatile as you are. Design your Plans in Optix based on your business’s unique needs. Control how users access your space, resources, products, and more.

  • Set the price of your Plans
  • Include Resources, check-ins, products, and more
  • Decide what day the billing cycle will start
  • Include a free trial if you choose
Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking spaces

Forecast growth with Plans analytics

Membership Plans help you predict your recurring revenue. See how your Plans are performing, and which are preferred by whom, with detailed data and analytics available directly in the Optix platform. 

Use these analytics to forecast your growth and drive better business results.

Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking spaces

Drive recurring revenue

Make membership Plans available for users to purchase from any mobile device to drive more revenue for your business. 

  • Simplify Plan purchasing for users with a mobile-first platform
  • Add Plans to users directly from your admin dashboard
  • Create custom Plans to fit the varied needs of your members
Plans - Automate membership plans in coworking and flex spaces

Recurring revenue is integral to the health of your business. Optix makes it easy to create membership Plans and make them available for users to purchase in-app and on your website.

Your Plans can be created to fit your unique business needs, whether it’s a membership Plan for unlimited monthly access or an annual Plan that gives members five meeting room hours a month.

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