Management software for the future of flexible work

A flexible workplace needs a flexible solution. Optix helps automate the business operations of flexible workplaces, from universities to health spaces and everything in between.
Optix space software for flexible workspaces

Find Your Fit

Optix exceeds the needs of flexible workplace operators around the world. No matter what your business model is, you can find your fit with Optix.
Space management for co warehousing - Optix


Manage access to your bookable resources and process all monthly payments.
Space management for medical coworking - Optix

Medical Coworking

Health practitioners can reserve a room and manage their bookings in Optix.
Space management for fitness studios - Optix

Fitness Studios

Book private personal training sessions and sign your contracts with easy integrations.
Space management for golf simulators - Optix

Golf Simulators

Book out individual rooms, put products available to sale, and manage all payments.
Space management for hybrid work - Optix

Hybrid Work

Manage your hybrid team with hot desking capabilities and an interactive employee directory.


Connect students to one another and the available resources in your space.


Offer your incubator services and make your mentors available to book with Optix.

Art studios

Rent out studio space and process your payments with a digital platform.

A flexible solution for flexible spaces

The needs of your flex space are always changing. Optix is fully customizable, meaning it can fit the varied needs of your business, no matter what they are. If there are spaces to book and payments to be made, Optix can handle it.

Optix space software for flexible workspaces

Your interactions, measured

Data is precious with a flexible workspace. While manual solutions can get the job done, they’ll never offer the detailed data and analytics that Optix does. Use the insights you gather to make business decisions and inform leadership on your choices.

Optix space software for flexible workspaces

More users, more money

You want to grow your user base and bring more people into your space. Grow your user base over time with the power of the Optix platform.

Optix space software for flexible workspaces

Elevate the experience

Whether you’re selling space or providing a service, you can create a better experience for your users. This means providing your users with a beautifully designed digital experience that will support them no matter what their needs are.

Optix space software for flexible workspaces

Flexible workspaces love Optix

  • 1880 Bardo
  • The Cloud Room Coworking and Lounge
  • Flocked
  • Highland City Club
  • Thrive Coworking

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