Software for medical coworking spaces

Optix helps medical coworking space owners and operators automate room bookings for their members, measure the usage of their space, and grow their community of independent healthcare practitioners. 
Software for medical coworking space

Let’s change healthcare, together

Medical coworking spaces are transforming the way healthcare practitioners provide care. Optix is transforming the way medical coworking operators manage their space. Optix gives medical coworking space operators an extra hand in managing their space - so they can focus on supporting their community of practitioners that are changing people’s lives.

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Scale your medical coworking business with Optix

As you scale your business from 1 to 100 location, Optix will continue to streamline and automate your operations. 

Measure your space utilization with robust analytics

Easily visualize how your business is performing with data any way you need it for any type of resource you have.
Coworking network

Grow your community of practitioners

Foster a community of healthcare practitioners and create a space where they can learn and grow from one another.

Automate your medical coworking space

Get back 53% of your time each day. Create custom automations for all of the manual, repetitive tasks in your medical coworking space like member onboarding, invoice follow-ups, member offboarding, and more to automate your operations and grow your business.

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Automations x Medical Coworking

A white-labeled app for medical coworking spaces

Give your members a streamlined booking experience. Enable members to easily manage appointments, room access, and billing all from their phone. You’ll appreciate the increases in efficiency. Your members will appreciate the experience.

Manage your room bookings, no matter the room

Easily manage room bookings for your members digitally. Use Optix to efficiently allocate space, making sure that everyone has the room they need – from a bodywork therapy room to a doctor’s office – when they need it.

Increase the utilization of your spaces

Optix can help you better utilize your medical coworking space and optimize the revenue you’re driving with your rooms. Keep track of who is using which space, and when, so you can be more efficient with how it’s being used.

Build a community of healthcare practitioners

Independent healthcare practitioners need a community too. Connect healthcare workers with others in their community with built-in directory and messaging features directly in the Optix app.

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