Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

Showcase your products

How easy is it for your members to purchase a product in your space?

Marketplace enables you to showcase your products on your member’s phone via your White-labeled App. They’ll see everything you have available in your coworking space at a glance for easy one-click purchasing.

“Using Optix has made our daily managing of members and bookings a breeze! It's nice to have things work smoothly, with very few hiccups.”

Automate purchases

Stop manually tracking purchases and handling cash payments. Members can buy products digitally on your own custom app.

  • Browse all items available to purchase
  • Purchase with one click via a payment method on file
  • Include items in custom Plans or Passes
Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

See which products perform best

Take the guesswork out of your in-space product offerings. Get insight into which products members want to buy with detailed analytics on purchasing behavior.

Use this data to make strategic business decisions on what products to offer in your coworking space.

Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

Make more money

Make your business model more resilient. With Marketplace, it’s easy for you to list products for purchase in your coworking space and even easier for users to buy them.

Diversify your product offerings and drive more revenue for your business with products, be it a locally made candle or a can of Coke.

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Build your own online store

Make items available to purchase on any mobile device

Custom labels

Organize products by category for easy filtering

Product profiles

Create landing pages for each unique product

Credit compatible

Enable items to be purchased for using credits

Custom tax

Set a unique custom tax for each product offered

Promote products

Promote high priority products at the top of the list

Location targeting

Target your customers with products based on location

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate with the tools you love to drive more revenue


Marketplace refers to a space in your dashboard where you can create and showcase products or services for sale at your organization. Members will then be able to access the Marketplace through the app and purchase these products or services.

Marketplace allows you to offer products, goods, and services for members to easily purchase in the space with their payment method on file. This could be anything from a cup of coffee to a 1:1 consulting session to a ticket to an event.

Yes! All Marketplace sales are available to view at a glance. View these sales by a wide variety of filters including product tag, payment status, sale date, labels, and more.

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