Make products available to purchase on your user’s mobile device.

Marketplace is designed to make buying products in your space simple. Create products for users to purchase on their mobile device, from a cup of coffee to a handmade candle. Collect digital payments on your phone and automatically add items to monthly invoices. You now have your very own ecommerce store, directly in the Optix app.

Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

Showcase your products

You have products in your coworking space to purchase. Do your users know how to buy them?

Showcase your products on your user’s phone via your white-labeled app. They’ll see everything you have available in your coworking space for easy one-click purchasing.

Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

Automate purchases

Stop manually tracking purchases and handling cash payments. Users can now buy products digitally on your own custom app.

  • Users select an item in the app
  • Payment is made via a payment method on file
  • Items can also be included as part of a Plan or Pass
Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

See which products perform best

Take the guesswork out of your in-space product offerings. Get insight into which products users want to buy with detailed analytics on purchasing behavior. 

Use this data to make strategic business decisions on what products to offer in your coworking space and why.

Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

Make more money

Make your business model more resilient. With Marketplace, it’s easy for you to list products for purchase in your coworking space, and even easier for users to buy them. 

The opportunity to sell products in your space, whether it’s a locally made candle or a can of coke, means you can diversify your product offerings and drive more revenue for your business over time.

Marketplace - purchase products in coworking space

Manually tracking product purchases is a pain-staking task that can take an incredible amount of time and human resources.  Marketplace turns your space into a fully automated ecommerce store, no dev work required. It’s like Uber Eats, but for your coworking space.

And by making it easy for users to purchase products digitally on their phone, you can drive more revenue for your business overall and create a more resilient business model.

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