Meeting Room Booking

Automate meeting room bookings and reduce your manual work.

Optix enables any user to book a meeting room right from their mobile device or directly from your website. Get clear on what meeting rooms are being used and when. Drive more revenue with smarter software. Now, you can manage your room availability seamlessly with a room booking system built right in to Optix.

Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces

Enable mobile bookings

Users want an easy booking experience. Support the flexibility of your users by making your meeting rooms available to book directly on your app.

Users can book a conference room on their phone while they’re on their way to your workspace.

Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces

Better oversight on meeting rooms

A digital room booking software can help solve those pesky daily problems in your space, like phone booth abuse and users overstaying their welcome. 

Improve the transparency of your bookings – powerful room booking software shows users when a room is available, how much it costs, and exactly how to gain access to it. 

Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces

A smarter booking experience

Smart technology is a huge unlock for maximizing business potential. Bring your coworking space into the future and drive more revenue with Smart Room Sorting.

Imagine, an app that knows users’ preferences and helps them book what they want faster.

Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces

Save time with automation

Manually managing room booking requests leaves room for human error, while costing you precious time and energy. 

Eliminate the manual booking process in your space completely. Users are empowered to book a meeting room from your website via the Booking Web Widget enabled on your website or their mobile device.

Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces through Optix

Enable bookings via your website

Optix room booking software can work on desktop too. Enable the Booking web widget and users can make a booking directly from your website.

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Optix Meeting Room Booking Feature Desktop Widget

Does a member need a meeting room on-demand for a quick meeting? Maybe a corporate client needs a large meeting room for the day?

Enable simple on-demand booking for members and guests with Optix. The advanced room booking system makes rooms easy to book directly from any mobile device and your website. Drive more revenue through a simple booking system that is easy to access and even easier to use.

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