Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces

Simplify room booking

Create an easy booking experience for your members. Make meeting rooms available to book directly on any mobile device with one click.

Users can book a conference room on their phone while they’re on their way to your workspace.

Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces

Make data-driven decisions

See exactly how often a room is getting used and when. Understand the performance of your space across different times and demographics so you can optimize availability over time.

"Optix has made booking into our space much simpler for our members, which was the main goal of moving away from our previous platform."
Meeting room booking system for coworking spaces

Anticipate member needs

Imagine, an app that knows members’ preferences and helps them book what they want faster. With Smart Room Sorting, users will see the rooms they interact with most at the top of their list every time for an easy booking experience.

Save time with automation

Manually managing room booking requests leaves room for human error, while costing you precious time and energy. Eliminate the manual booking process in your space completely by introducing automation.

Optix Meeting Room Booking Feature Desktop Widget

Enable bookings via your website

Users can book a meeting room through your website, too. Enable the Booking Web Widget and empower drop-in users and new leads to book a room online, no registration required.

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Make booking a meeting room a breeze

Automate meeting room bookings to improve the member experience

On-demand booking

Enable real-time, on-demand booking from any mobile device

Smart sorting

Set rooms to appear in order of frequency of use, specific to the individual

Insights and analytics

Get detailed insights and analytics to improve room utilization

Robust customization

Customize booking details, from invoice date to availability

Set custom access

Create custom access groups for meeting rooms

Create groups

Group rooms together for easy bookings via corporate teams or groups

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate Optix with the tools you love for a seamless booking experience


Meeting room booking software is a digital tool designed to streamline the process of reserving and managing meeting spaces. It allows users to check room availability, schedule meetings, and often provides additional features like resource allocation, integration with calendars, and access control.

The benefits of using meeting room booking software include improved efficiency, cost savings, enhanced productivity, analytics and insights, increased security, and improved convenience.

Yes, many meeting room booking software solutions, including Optix, offer mobile apps for convenient booking and management. Users can access these apps on their smartphones or tablets, making it easy to check room availability, reserve spaces, and receive updates on the go.

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