Community Feed

Create your own social network in the Optix platform.

The Community Feed is a centralized, community-only newsfeed built directly into the Optix platform. Share announcements, events, and user achievements. Grow your digital community without the physical space. Bring all of your communications into one place.

Community feed - features for coworking spaces

Engage your users

Keep your users engaged with one another, and the coworking space, with a centralized newsfeed for all your online communications. 

By bringing your communication into one place, you’ll ensure messages are easy to share and easier to consume.

Community feed - features for coworking spaces

Digitize your community

The world has gone digital – your community should too. Create a thriving online coworking community that goes beyond the physical space and is connected wherever you go. 

Help give your users that purpose and fulfillment they’re looking for, both in-person and online.

Community feed - features for coworking spaces

Centralize your communications

Imagine a single space for your coworking communications. It’s all possible with a centralized newsfeed.

  • Broadcast job opportunities
  • Promote internal coworking events
  • Share important announcements
Community feed - features for coworking spaces

Community is the heart of any flexible workspace. Keeping your members connected and engaged with one another is essential to cultivating that true community feeling.

With one centralized feed, you’ll ensure your members are always connected, without having to update a million places at once. 

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