Community feed - features for coworking spaces

Engage your members

Keep members engaged with each other and the space with a centralized news feed for all of your online communications. Consolidate all announcements and communications in one place.

“The key features are being able to connect with the space, sign up for events, and then most importantly, connecting with other members, because that's really what our business is about"
Community feed - features for coworking spaces

Digitize your community

Create a thriving online coworking community that goes beyond the physical space. Help give your members the community they’re looking for, both in-person and online.

Community feed - features for coworking spaces

Centralize your communications

Imagine a single space for your coworking communications. It’s all possible with a centralized newsfeed.

  • Broadcast job opportunities
  • Promote internal coworking events
  • Share important announcements

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Engage your members in-person and online

Bring all of your communications into one place

Customize visibility

Control what posts members see and when

Image compatible

Enrich your message with images


Get notified when someone posts on your feed

Location support

Connect all locations with a single newsfeed

Pin posts

Pin important announcements at the top for better visibility


Like and comment on posts to increase engagement

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate Optix with the tools you love for a connected community


The Community Feed occupies the home screen of your coworking app and is a great way to share information and resources with your members. It can be treated like a social network, inviting members to post and share information about themselves, to help create an engaged community.

Yes! Admin can remove any Community Feed post they’d like. They can also restrict posting on the Community Feed to admin only.

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