Automations x billing & payments

Automate billing & payments

Simplify your financial processes and save your team hours in manual tasks. Automate invoice follow-ups and overdue payment reminders directly from Optix.

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Streamline billing processes

Payments are the backbone of your coworking business. Using the Optix platform, you’ll be able to automate the entire billing and payment process for both you and your members.

  • Automatically generate monthly invoices
  • Enable auto-pay for members
  • Schedule payment notifications 
"Billing has been a breeze as we haven't been needing to chase down payments from members."

Stay on top of payments

Keep track of who has paid and when. Notify members when a card needs updating. Sort and filter payments by due date to see what’s upcoming and what’s been paid.

With a centralized view of all transactions, you’ll finally have the visibility you need to make better business decisions.

Improve the member experience

Simplify payments for the people in your coworking space by enabling mobile payments directly from your White-labeled App.

Users can pay for their Plans or Passes right on their phone with a credit card on file.

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Streamline payment processes

Seamlessly manage Billing and Payments in your coworking space

Create one-off charges

Add one-time charges, like an activation fee, to member accounts

Issue credits

Add credits to accounts to reward loyalty and show appreciation

Set up auto-pay

Automatically charge member accounts on their designated billing date

Link credit cards

Link a credit card to members' accounts for easy payments

Create recurring invoices

Set up recurring invoices for dedicated desks or monthly memberships

Customize billing dates

Create personalized billing structures for each of your members

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate with your favorite tools for streamlined Billing and Payments


Automated billing and payments in Optix streamline managing invoicing and payment processes. This ensures efficient, accurate, and transparent financial transactions, benefiting both coworking space operators and members.

Automated billing enhances efficiency, accuracy, and member satisfaction by streamlining processes, providing transparency, and offering flexibility in billing models. This results in time savings for operators, improved cash flow, and a positive, hassle-free experience for members.

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