Streamline invoicing

Managing invoices is a significant energy drain. Streamline your financial processes end-to-end with invoicing automation.

  • Send invoice reminders to members
  • Enable mobile payments via any device
  • Review all invoices at a glance
“Invoicing is very good, especially with a flurry of new users. I found that really straightforward in Optix.”
Invoicing - Automated invoicing for coworking spaces

Improve payment oversight

Manage your monthly coworking invoices and stay on top of your finances. Access detailed data and analytics right at your fingertips in your admin dashboard.

The better you understand your finances, the better your business outcomes will be.

Invoicing - Automated invoicing for coworking spaces

Integrate your accounting software

Take your Invoicing process to the next level via direct two-way integrations with Xero and Quickbooks. Map Optix to your accounting software to streamline Invoicing and improve payment oversight.

A user-friendly experience

Improve the payment experience in your coworking space. Enable users to review and pay for coworking invoices directly on their phone. Customize when and how payment notifications are sent to users for an overall easy payment experience.

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Save time with invoice automation

Reduce your overhead and cut your manual invoicing time in half

Automatic payment reminders

Set auto-pay reminders for members

Custom invoice names

Create custom names for invoices

Custom charge dates

Set a unique charge date for each invoice

Automatic credit application

Use credit cards on file for outstanding invoices

Location-based Invoicing

Invoice users based on their location

Early charge

Charge your invoices ahead of schedule

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate your accounting software and streamline your financial processes


Invoicing enables operators to generate and manage invoices for their members. It automates the billing process and helps streamline financial transactions in a coworking space.

Automated invoicing offers several benefits, including efficient billing processes, accurate tracking of services and payments, customization of invoices, automated reminders for due payments, and overall improved financial management for coworking space operators.


In your dashboard, invoices will be labeled the following ways: pending, upcoming, due, overdue, processing, paid, or void.

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