Automations x Web Widgets

Automate custom onboarding flows

Create automations based on how users joined your community, like a multi-step onboarding flow specifically for full-time members, to save your team time and elevate the experience for users.

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Web widgets - automate bookings for coworking spaces

Embed Optix onto your website

Optix is a mobile-first platform, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about the web. Web Widgets are easy to install, fully customizable, and designed to optimize conversions.

Any member information you collect will be saved in your admin dashboard so you can better manage your customer relations.

Web widgets - Optix features

Customize forms to fit your brand

Web Widgets are fully customizable to fit the look and feel of your website.

  • Choose from beautiful pre-set themes
  • Custom branding capabilities available, including colors and fonts
  • Embeddable directly onto your website
“The sign up form that pops up right into my website has been really nice. All of the widgets that I have live, I utilize almost every day.”
Web widgets - automate bookings for coworking spaces

Capture more leads with Tours

Take the friction out of booking a tour. Capture website visitors and turn them into leads with the Tours Web Widget.

Grow your membership with Sign-ups

Make it easier than ever to sign-up for your space. Create a beautifully designed form to convert prospects to customers with the Sign-up Web Widget.

Web widgets - automate bookings for coworking spaces

Increase revenue with Drop-In Bookings

Streamline the booking experience. Enable website visitors to book a drop-in directly on your website with the Drop-in Bookings Web Widget.

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Powerful widgets for coworking websites

Top coworking operators power their website with Optix Web Widgets

Themes and customization

Choose a preset theme or customize your Web Widget to fit the look and feel of your website

Advanced embed options

Select how to embed your Web Widget to seamlessly integrate with your website

Calendar sync

Sync your Web Widgets with your calendar for real-time two-way communication

Advanced availability options

Customize your bookings to fit your needs, from invoice date to availability.

Set booking window

Specify the booking window of available resources, from hot desks to meeting rooms

Set custom durations

Select the duration of your tours and availability for prospective members

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate Optix with your favorite tools that power your coworking space


Web Widgets are fully customizable tools that extend Optix capabilities to your website. By installing Web Widgets on your website, potential customers can book a tour, sign-up for a membership, or purchase a drop-in pass online via a custom, integrated online form.

Web Widgets transform your website from a simple landing page to a conversion-optimized experience. With Web Widgets, you can engage prospective customers and capture their information on your website. This information is then shared directly with Optix.

Optix has three Web Widgets available – the Tours Web Widget, the Sign-ups Web Widget, and the Drop-in Bookings Web Widget. These widgets are all designed to capture the information of prospective customers and buyers.

No, Optix web widgets will not impact the performance of your coworking website.

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