Software for co-warehousing spaces

Optix helps co-warehousing space owners and operators automate their day-to-day, track their performance over time, and grow their co-warehousing business.
Software for co-warehousing spaces

Designed for your business

A unique business requires a unique software solution. Optix is the preferred software for co-warehousing spaces looking for a flexible way to manage their everyday operations.
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Save time managing your space and let Optix run your day to day

Manage and automate bookings, plans, invoicing and more from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Measure the use of your warehouse

Track how your warehouse space is being used and optimize it over time to improve utilization and other key metrics.
Coworking network

Grow your community of entrepreneurs 

Cultivate a thriving community of small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Automate your co-warehousing space

Get back 53% of your time each day. Create custom automations for all of the manual, repetitive tasks in your co-warehousing space like member onboarding, invoice follow-ups, member offboarding, and more to automate your operations and grow your business.

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Automations x Co-warehousing

A white-labeled app for co-warehousing spaces

Give your members an easier way to interact with your space. With a white-labeled app, your members can book spaces or equipment, pay for their membership, and connect with others in your community, all on your phone.

Make any resource bookable

Pallet jacks, fork lifts, storage spaces, and more can all be booked and paid for directly on your member’s mobile devices or via your website.

Sell products via your app

Showcase member products through a digital Marketplace. Create an additional revenue stream for your business, while giving members the opportunity to highlight their products.

Build a community of entrepreneurs

Connect members with a physical and digital community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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