White-labeled Mobile App

Get a custom app for your space faster.

White-labeled apps are custom built iOS and Android mobile applications created by our team, for you. They are the heart of the Optix platform, enabling your users to book a desk, reserve a meeting room, or pay an invoice all from their mobile device.

Put your brand front and center

A phone is a valuable piece of real estate. A white-labeled app puts your brand front and center on your users mobile device.

Everything within the app can be customized to fit your brand, from colors and text, right down to the iconography.

White labeled app for coworking spaces

Improve the user experience

Most coworking software is built with admin in mind. We make ours for the users, too. A white-labeled app means everything your users need is easily accessed from the palm of their hand. 

  • Book a room on a phone
  • Pay with one click via a credit card on file
  • Message other users in the space
White labeled app for coworking spaces

Create a mobile-first coworking space

The workplace of the future needs to be mobile-first. Optix white-labeled apps are designed to connect your users with your space from the convenience of their mobile device.

Users can book a room, pay an invoice, and check-in to the space all from their phone.

White labeled app for coworking spaces

Every coworking operator wants their own app. We make it easier than ever to make this a reality. 

A white-labeled app brings your coworking software to your phone. It means your flexible workspace will have a place for your users to do everything they need to do, wherever they are, right from their mobile device.

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