Showcase member benefits to your users and make them easy to redeem.

The Perks App is a native Optix application that can be installed via your admin dashboard. Showcase perks, member benefits, and discounts to users on their phone. Maximize the value your users receive via Perks.

Perks app - coworking software member benefits

Showcase perks and promos

Member benefits are a great retention tool, but they only work if they’re being used. Advertise user benefits in your coworking space more effectively by displaying them on the home screen of your mobile app. 

As an admin, you can add or hide a perk at any time from your web dashboard.

Perks app - coworking software member benefits

Measure perks usage

See which coworking benefits users redeem the most. Data and analytics give you insight into how many people redeemed a benefit, how often, and on what day. 

Use this data to measure the effectiveness of different partnerships and make better-informed decisions on what your users will get the most value from.

Perks app - coworking software member benefits

Provide more value to your members

Member benefits are an opportunity to serve your users better. With the Perks app, users can see what discounts and promos are available to them, right on their phone. 

Easily identifiable perks can improve member retention and ultimately improve the experience of your users.

Perks app - coworking software member benefits

Member benefits are great – they’re a powerful retention tool and can contribute to a happier community in your coworking space. Of course, that’s only if they’re being used.

Increase utilization of promos in your coworking space and drive more value for your community through the Perks app. Now, you can really reap the rewards of user benefits. 

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