Promote your events and drive more engagement.

The Events app is a native Optix application that puts your coworking events front and center in the user experience. Highlight upcoming events on the home screen of the Optix app. Leverage your favorite event platform for real-time automated sync on upcoming events in your coworking space.

Events - automate events in coworking spaces

Promote events to your community

Your events will be right on the home screen of your coworking app. That means every time a user opens up your app, they’ll see what events are upcoming and what they don’t want to miss. 

Easier promotion means a more engaged community and a higher likelihood of attendance to your events.

Events - automate events in coworking spaces

Update events in real-time

Change the date for your event? Update the name or location? No problem. Optix will pull the latest details into the app to ensure your community stays up to date.

Events - automate events in coworking spaces

Leverage your favorite event platforms

Managing your events from multiple platforms is a pain. Optix works directly with one or more of your favorite event platforms to create a centralized event management experience.

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Events - automate events in coworking spaces

Coworking events can drive revenue and provide value in new and unique ways. You’re going through the effort of organizing these events. Don’t you want people to attend?

Drive attendance and ensure your users aren’t forgetting about upcoming events in your space through regular, ongoing promotion directly in your coworking app.

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