Simplify access to your workspace.

Automate the check-in process and enable users to check in to your space right on their mobile device. Now you’ll spend less time hunting down people who haven’t paid and more time building meaningful relationships with your community.

Check-ins - automate check-ins with coworking software

Streamline your check-ins

Checking into your space should be easy. With Optix, users can check into your workspace as soon as they arrive using their mobile device. 

Integrate your access control system to enable automatic check ins every time someone accesses your space.

Check-ins - automate check-ins with coworking software

Eliminate human error

Manual check-ins leave room for human error. By enabling automatic check-ins in your space, you’ll save time and energy on managing simple comings and goings. 

Check-ins - automate check-ins with coworking software

Know who is in your space

You need to know who’s using your space and who’s paid for it. A digital check-in procedure means your space is only used by those who should be using it.

Open up your admin dashboard and you’ll always know exactly who is checked in at any given time.


Check-ins - automate check-ins with coworking software

Save time with automation

Automation is key to growing a successful business while still keeping your costs low. Reducing the time and resources you spend on check-ins is a great first step to creating an autonomous system that scales.

Checking-in to your coworking space is a simple, but essential task. If you’re looking for easy ways to introduce automation into your space, check-ins are a great place to start.

Reduce your overhead and make room for your team to do the things that really matter. An automated check-in process means you’ll spend less time on day-to-day tasks and more time building a successful business (and meaningful relationships!).

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