Automations x Check-ins

Automate check-ins

Create custom automations related to user check-ins, like changing the account type of a user to “VIP” after they’ve checked in 15 times, to keep your users organized and elevate their experience.

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Check-ins - automate check-ins with coworking software

Make checking in a breeze

With Optix, members can check into your workspace with their mobile device as soon as they arrive.

Integrate your access control system to enable automatic Check-ins every time someone enters your space.

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Joshua Morgan from Loft Offices
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Reduce human error

Manual check-ins leave room for human error. Enable automatic Check-ins and save time and energy on managing entry into the space.

Know who is in your space

You need to know who’s using your space and when. Automatic Check-ins ensure you have better visibility into who is in your space and when. Your admin dashboard will tell you exactly who is checked in at any given time.

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Make member check-in a breeze

Streamline the check-in process for you and your team

Check-in history

See a complete history of member check-ins

WiFi based check-ins

Automatically check-in a member when they log in to the WiFi

Traffic reports

Access analytics on traffic in your space

Occupancy reports

Access detailed reports on occupancy levels

Check-in heat map

Heat maps show you the most popular times in your coworking space

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate Optix with the tools you love for an automated check-in experience


Automated check-ins refer to the use of coworking software like Optix to streamline and simplify the process of members entering and using a coworking space. Instead of manual check-ins where members may need to sign in at a front desk, automated check-in systems leverage digital tools to simplify the sign-in process.

Automating the coworking check-in process offers efficiency gains, enabling quick and seamless access for members. It enhances user experience, provides 24/7 access, contributes to security, and facilitates data accuracy, leading to cost savings and scalability for coworking space operators.

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