Introducing: Unlock Your Kisi-Enabled Doors With Optix

You can now unlock Kisi enabled doors with your Optix white-labeled app
By Kelly K
March 1, 2022
Kisi and Optix integration

Introducing: Unlock Your Doors With Optix powered by Kisi

Optix is on a mission to make life easier and more delightful for you and your members. The latest iteration of the Optix and Kisi integration does just that.

You can now unlock your Kisi-enabled doors directly with your white-labeled Optix app.

No more downloading the Kisi app to gain access to your space. Everything is done directly within your branded app for a streamlined user experience.

Read on to learn more about this integration and what it means for you and your brand.

Benefits of the Optix and Kisi integration

Kisi button to unlock doors

Kisi is a cloud-based access control system that helps keep your flexible workspace secure.

When Kisi and Optix work together, they become an automated access control powerhouse.

With the Optix and Kisi integration, you can:

  • Unlock doors with a tap of a button
  • Manage member access to your space
  • Measure who is using the space and when
  • Automatically check-in users when they unlock your door
  • Enhance the security of your workspace
  • Optimize your workflows

Together, Optix and Kisi deliver a more streamlined experience for you, your staff, and your members.

Learn how Optix and Kisi helped ECOMsquare manage their coworking space 100% remotely.

Features of the Optix and Kisi integration

Optix and Kisi Integration Features

This highly anticipated feature is the third and final phase of the Kisi integration.

All previous integration features are still enabled including:

  • Customized user access based on Optix plan subscriptions, bookings, assignments, and check-ins
  • Updated Kisi access in real time when updates are made in  Optix
  • Analytics outlining unlock statistics so you can understand who uses your venue and when

This blog post covers everything you need to know about the previous versions of the Optix and Kisi integration.

Unlocking your Kisi-enabled doors with Optix

Unlocking your Kisi-enabled doors with Optix

The latest version of the Optix and Kisi integration allows members to unlock doors directly with your white-labeled Optix app.

So, what does this mean for you and your members?

  • No need to download the Kisi app
  • Everything can be done within your white-labeled app

All users need to do is either press a button in-app or tap their phone to the Kisi reader to unlock the door. That’s it.

This is the first coworking management software integration with Kisi that enables a fully white-labeled experience for your members. This puts your brand and your business front and center in the workplace experience.

This feature is still in beta for Kisi and is only available to white-labeled Optix app users at this time. If you’d like to get started with this integration, our team would be happy to help. 

You can also check out our FAQ to learn more.

Last updated: May 4, 2023. This post has been updated to include the latest information on our Kisi integration, as well as new links and improvements to the service.