Flex space management for shared kitchens

Optix helps shared kitchen owners and operators take control of their space. Efficiently manage bookings, track inventory, and streamline communication to grow your business and your cooking community.
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Designed for your business

Commissary kitchens bring food-based businesses together to learn and grow from one another. Optix makes them more effective. Manage the use of shared kitchen equipment, connect chefs and caterers with like-minded individuals, and automate your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on feeding your community.

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Shared Kitchens

Streamline your shared kitchen operations

Keep track of who is in the kitchen, when their invoice is due, and what equipment they’re using all from a single dashboard.

Optimize your performance

Visualize the performance of your business with flexible and reliable analytics into the utilization of your space, your revenue, and more.
Coworking network

Grow a collaborative community

Nurture a community of culinary experts and create a space where they can develop alongside one another.

A white-labeled app for shared kitchen spaces

Enhance the booking experience with a beautifully custom branded app. Enable effortless equipment booking, automatic keyless kitchen access, and easy billing all through their mobile devices.

Manage your members, from food trucks to private chefs

Easily manage bookings for your members digitally. Use Optix to efficiently allocate space, making sure that everyone has what they need – from custom kitchen equipment to a place to food prep.

Power up your operations with detailed analytics

With Optix, you can optimize the revenue generated by your kitchen coworking space by keeping track of space usage and scheduling to ensure maximum efficiency and utilization.

Engage a community of thriving food-based professionals

Bring together individuals passionate about food and cooking by leveraging Optix’s directory and messaging features built into the app. Create a community that fosters collaboration and networking among food professionals.

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