Multi-location coworking space management - Optix

Unify your coworking brand with one app

Strengthen your brand and centralize the user experience. With one app for all your coworking locations, you can manage a multi-location coworking spaces with ease.

Users can book any room in any space from a single device, if you choose. You’ll see it all from a single dashboard.

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Software that scales with your business

If you plan to expand, you need a platform that can scale. Multi-location functionality gives you peace of mind that when you’re ready to grow your coworking space, your platform can grow with you.

No need to worry about migrating when your membership gets too big. Optix can handle your business, whether you have one location or 50.

Multi-location coworking space management - Optix

Bring your community together

How do you keep your community together when your operations span multiple locations? Announcements, community posts, events, and more can be shared across multiple coworking locations to engage and activate your distributed community.

That way, they’re always connected no matter what location they’re working from.

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Streamline multi-location management

Seamlessly manage multiple coworking space locations from one dashboard

Filter analytics

Compare the performance of multiple locations with location-specific analytics

Customize user communication

Communicate with users based on their location, with customized messages for each

Organize your resource bookings

See all resource bookings by location and organize them accordingly

Set tax rates by location

Create custom tax rates for each location for more accurate financial reporting

Organization-wide Community Feed

Create community announcements in one place that extend across all locations

Web Widgets

Customize Web Widgets unique for each location

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate Optix with the tools you love for seamless multi-location management


Multi-location management enables you to manage multiple coworking locations through a single dashboard in Optix. Save time and energy on managing users and teams across multiple coworking locations. Bring all of your data into one centralized dashboard.

Multi-location management offers several benefits, including centralized control, streamlined operations, improved scalability, and the ability to offer flexible membership options that cater to the diverse needs of members across different locations.

Yes, with multi-location management in Optix, you can access a centralized dashboard to monitor and manage all your coworking spaces in one place, making it convenient and efficient.

Optix enables you to manage an unlimited number of locations, from one to one hundred and beyond.

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