Resource Booking

Make anything in your coworking space bookable.

Resources are anything in your space that can be booked by users – from a single desk to a set of podcasting equipment. Your resources are fully customizable, easy to set up, and even easier to manage from your admin dashboard. Users will see everything available to book from their mobile device and from your website.

Resource booking - automate resource booking in coworking spaces

Take your resources mobile

Empower your users to interact with your space on their own terms. Users can now book any resource from their phone on the way to your coworking space. Availability is updated in real-time, and you’ll be notified of any booking made.

  • See all resource bookings at a glance
  • Improve the booking experience for your users
  • Never double-book a resource again
Automate resource booking in coworking spaces with Optix

Gain performance insights

Measure how your resources are being utilized over time to determine your most popular resources. Use these insights to tailor your resource offerings to fit the needs of your users.

Resource booking - automate resource booking in coworking spaces

Make anything bookable

Everything in your space is a money-making opportunity. Get granular with the resources in your space and drive more revenue through bookable equipment, desks, rooms, and more.

Resource booking - automate resource booking in coworking spaces

Enable bookings via your website

Optix resource booking software can work on desktop too. Enable the Booking web widget and users can make a booking directly from your website.

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Desktop UI of booking resources like a camera and 3D Printer with Optix and its web widget

A bookable resource is anything in your space that can be rented for a set amount of time. You can get creative with your resources and turn them into whatever you want them to be thanks to the flexibility of the Optix platform.

More bookable resources means more revenue in your pocket. Diversify your revenue streams and turn anything into a money-making opportunity.

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