Software for micro-gyms and fitness facilities

Optix helps forward-thinking micro-gyms streamline their business operations and enable on-demand access to their fitness facilities.
Software for managing a micro-gym

Designed for your business

On-demand fitness requires a flexible solution. Optix is the preferred flex space management system for micro-gyms looking to serve personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

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Manage your gym members

See all member bookings, from person trainers to fitness influencers, at a glance from one dashboard.

Measure and optimize your space

Track how your space is being used and optimize it over time with detailed data and analytics.
Coworking network

Grow your community and your business

Expand your community of fitness professionals, add new revenue streams, and drive more revenue from existing clients. 

Automate your micro-gym

Get back 53% of your time each day. Create custom automations for all of the manual, repetitive tasks in your micro-gym like member onboarding, invoice follow-ups, member offboarding, and more to automate your operations and grow your business.

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Automations x Micro-gyms

Enable real-time access to fitness facilities

Make every resource in your space bookable, from gym equipment to workout rooms. Enable personal trainers to book these resources on-demand. Grant them access to the space in real-time.

Create custom membership packages

Design custom plans to fit the needs of any fitness professional. Create plans that allow for multiple days and a variety of use cases.

Manage your microgym remotely

Automation is the key to sustainable business models. Create an automated space with smart space management software integrated with your access control system.

Cultivate a community of fitness professionals

Build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with Community and Directory features built directly into the platform.

Drive revenue with product sales

List products for sale, from protein powder to branded hoodies, and enable purchases from any mobile device.

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