Custom Properties

Manage your user relationships more effectively.

Custom properties are tags that can be assigned to users before, during or after onboarding. Use these tags to organize your users and create a more personalized experience just for them. It’s CRM capabilities built right into the Optix platform.

Custom Properties allows you to manage your coworking and flex space users more effectively

Collect valuable user information

What is their job title? When is their birthday? Do they have children? Ask your users whatever information you need to create an engaging and personalized experience. 

Custom properties allow you to collect information on your users and use it to customize the user experience.

Custom Properties - coworking software features

Filter data for easy viewing

Once you collect your user properties, you can filter your data in whichever way you choose. See all entrepreneurs in a single view. Send them a custom offering exclusive just for them. 

Or simply use your custom properties as a way to survey your members for upcoming parties and events.

Custom Properties - Optix coworking software features

Personalize the user experience

Personalization is the key to a better user experience. Use the data you collect to create better events and more tailored product offerings created specifically with your members in mind.

Custom Properties - Optix coworking software features

Business owners need to have a deep understanding of their customers. Use custom properties to collect whatever information you may need on your users and create a personalized experience, just for them.

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