Custom Properties - coworking software features

Collect valuable user information

What is their job title? When is their birthday? Do they have children? Ask your members whatever information you need to create an engaging and personalized experience.

Custom Properties allow you to collect information on your members and use it to customize their experience.

“The kind of platform that Salon22 was looking for when we were thinking about how to set up and operationalize our business was technology that would, first and foremost, provide a positive and user-friendly membership experience.”

Filter data for easy viewing

Once you collect your Custom Properties, you can filter your data in whichever way you choose. See all entrepreneurs in a single view. Send a custom offering exclusive just for them.

You can also use your Custom Properties as a way to survey your members for upcoming parties and events.

Personalize the coworking experience

Personalization is the key to a better user experience. Use the member data you collect to create better events and more tailored product offerings specifically with members in mind.

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Create a tailored member experience

Collect all the data you need to enhance the experience for your members

Mark as required

Set Custom Properties as optional or required

Custom onboarding

Map out a custom onboarding flow based on data you collect

CRM integrations

Send Custom Properties to your CRM system

Sort and filter

Filter through Custom Properties to identify patterns

Track user data

Keep track of valuable data, like why a member didn’t join


Use Custom Properties for increased personalization

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate with the tools you use to better understand your members


A Custom Property, or User Property, is any data point you ask your users to input when creating their profile in Optix or your white-labeled app. User Properties can be private and only shared with administrators or public-facing and displayed on the user’s profile in the Directory.

Some common uses of Custom Properties for internal use include tracking which users have been provided a physical key or access card, deposit management, emergency contact information, referral tracking, and more.

Some common uses of public-facing custom properties include LinkedIn profile link, job title, skills, favorite book or podcast, and more.

Custom Properties allow you to collect more information about your members, store that information in an organized way, and use that information to make decisions about your business.

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