Desk booking software for coworking and flex spaces

Enable on-demand desk booking

Make it easy for your members to book a desk on their mobile device with a completely automated booking system.

  • Eliminate manual booking management
  • Enable users to book on any mobile device
  • Gain visibility into all bookings made
Desk booking software for coworking spaces

Optimize decision making with smart insights

Access valuable data and analytics about how desks are being used in your space.

See what days are most popular. Determine the desks members prefer. Make strategic business decisions with insights from detailed data and analytics in Optix.

"Optix should be everyone's default coworking facility management app. All our members comment on how easy it is to access our building, book amenities, and be onboarded into the system."
Desk booking software for coworking spaces

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce your head count and improve operational efficiency with the help of automation. Enable members to book a desk on their phone without ever needing to visit the front desk.

Customize your offerings

Take control of your desk offerings and optimize your business model with advanced customization options.

  • Set minimum and maximum booking times
  • Configure a custom cancellation policy
  • Set hourly and daily prices
Desk booking feature for Flex Desk and Hot Desk with Optix

Enable bookings via your website

Prospective members can book from your desktop, too. Enable the Optix Booking Web Widget on your website and users can make a booking directly from your homepage.

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Simplify the desk booking experience

Enable on-demand desk booking from any mobile device

On-demand booking

Enable real-time, on-demand Desk Booking from any mobile device

Smart desk sorting

Set desks to appear in order of frequency of use

Insights and analytics

Get detailed insights and analytics to improve desk utilization

Customization options

Customize your bookings to fit your needs, from invoice date to availability

Set custom access

Create custom access groups for desk bookings

Create groups

Group desks together for easy bookings via corporate teams or groups

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate Optix with the tools you love for a seamless booking experience


Automated desk booking allows individuals and organizations to reserve and manage desks in a shared workspace in a flexible and efficient manner. It streamlines the process of scheduling, tracking, and utilizing available resources, making it a valuable tool for coworking spaces looking to optimize their space utilization.

Automating desk booking optimizes space usage, promotes flexibility, boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, aids resource management, provides data insights, and supports health and safety measures.

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