Automate visitor management

Simplify visitor management

Say goodbye to manual guest sign-ins. Free your community manager from mundane, check-in tasks. Elevate your workspace efficiency with a beautifully designed app to manage guests and deliveries.

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Create a branded visitor experience

Craft a memorable and branded arrival experience that seamlessly integrates with your space. From personalized onboarding to custom themes, create a welcoming environment that reflects your unique identity.

Improve safety and security

Monitor guest arrivals in real-time and ensure a secure environment for all. Elevate your workspace standards and prioritize safety. Get a 360 degree view of who is in your space at all times.

Convert visitors into members

Turn visitors into long-term members by capturing their information from the moment they walk through your doors. Enhance your coworking space and make each visit an opportunity for a lasting commitment.

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Create the ideal visitor experience

Cultivate a memorable first impression from the start

Custom themes

Customize the look and feel of your app

Lead generation

Mark visitors as leads in Optix

Delivery history

See your full delivery history at a glance

Custom property support

Add custom properties to your visitor flow

Visitor notifications

Get notified when a visitor arrives


Automatically check visitors into the space

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate Optix with the tools you use for a streamlined visitor experience


The Visitor Management app in Optix allows for easy registration and check-in of guests. Visitors can sign in to the space using a beautifully designed tablet application, enhancing security and streamlining the visitor process.

Visitor Management enhances security by tracking and verifying the identity of visitors. It helps in monitoring who enters the premises and ensures that only authorized individuals have access to your space.

Yes, Optix offers a number of customization options, including fonts and color codes, allowing you to tailor the Visitor Management interface to align with your branding.

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