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The top podcast for coworking operators, real estate investors, and flex industry enthusiasts to learn about running a successful business.
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Explore business fundamentals

How do you run a successful business in the flex industry? From finding a cofounder to raising funding to nailing your marketing strategy, we cover a wide range of topics to help you optimize your overall business strategy.

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Elevate your coworking brand

Creating an exceptional experience is how you’ll set yourself apart. Learn how to infuse hospitality and provide outstanding service in your space from experts across a variety of industries.

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Stay informed on emerging trends

The world of flex is ever changing and evolving quickly. Stay up-to-date on what’s new in the world of coworking niches, flex spaces, and the future of work so you can make better decisions and improve your business trajectory.

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“We Run Flex is the ultimate resource for coworking owners and operators to learn how to run an exceptional business.”
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About We Run Flex

We Run Flex is the podcast for coworking space owners, operators, and enthusiasts to stay-up-to-date with the ever evolving world of flexible work. Hosted by Kia Rahmani, coworking industry expert and Founder and CEO of Optix, We Run Flex is all about empowering you with the information you need to excel in your role.

Here, you’ll hear conversations with top industry experts and people like you who are paving the way for what it means to be a flex and coworking operator.

Our goal is to share the stories of the flexible and coworking space industry from co-warehousing to micro gyms and everything in between.

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