Assignments - Optix coworking software feature

Know your most loyal users

Keep track of your regulars and show them the love they deserve. Assignments help you manage all of the dedicated resources in your space, from desks to private offices to computer monitors.

You’ll always know who has what resource, and when.

Dustin from Highland City Club Coworking
"Amazingly well designed, super easy to use, and easy to train the team on. I literally cannot say enough good things about this product."
Assignments - Optix coworking software feature

Grow predictable revenue

Drop-ins and check-ins are great, but you need dedicated placements to grow your coworking business reliably. Use Assignments to increase your predictable cash flow through dedicated desks, private offices, and more.

Assignments - Optix coworking software feature

Improve your business over time

  • Assign resources to specific users
  • Know who’s using which space and when
  • Automate invoicing for dedicated users and Assignments

Customize your Assignments

Share resources throughout the community. Assign it to one person for the week and another for the weekend. Customize your Assignments to create more flexibility for your users and drive more revenue.

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Manage your most loyal members

Keep track of long-term desks and private offices

Compatible with users and teams

Create Assignments for individuals or teams

Set custom billing dates

Generate a unique billing date for every Assignment

Flexible and customizable

Customize the unique settings of your Assignment

Date flexibility

Assign resources based on days, weeks, or months

Dedicated desks

Create Assignments for dedicated desks and manage recurring revenue

Private offices

Create Assignments for private offices and manage recurring revenue 

Bring your tech stack together

Integrate with the tools you love to manage your space


Creating an Assignment will provide a specific user or team with exclusive access to a resource over a set period of time, with customizable pricing, billing, and options to set conditional times.

Bookings are designed for short instances, as well as for any recurring meetings or times a user would like to book a resource. Assignments, on the other hand, can cover a much longer time span and do not need a predetermined end date. Learn more here.

In Optix, you can manage private offices by either assigning your Users and Teams directly to a private office with the Assignments option or by using Plans.

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