Introducing: The Perks App

The Optix application that helps you showcase all the promos you're offering to your community
By Kelly K
April 20, 2022
Perks app for coworking spaces

Does your coworking space have member perks?

They’re a great way to build relationships with local partners and provide your users with special benefits, like 10% off at a local cafe for lunch.

Now you can showcase these perks and make it even easier for your members to redeem them in Optix.

Introducing The Perks App, the Optix application that helps you showcase all the promos you’re offering to your community. Read on to learn more or visit our FAQ to get started!

What are member benefits and why should you offer them in your coworking space?

Perks app for coworking spaces

Member benefits (otherwise known as perks, promos, discounts, or deals) are promos that are offered exclusively to your coworking community.

They are often ongoing offers that are set up with local brands and businesses as a mutually beneficial way of marketing your services.

Examples of perks are:

  • 15% off at a local yoga studio
  • $50 credit for car sharing services
  • 10% off lunch at a local cafe

There are many benefits to offering member perks including:

  • Can increase member retention
  • Operates as another marketing channel
  • Attracts new customers to your space
  • Builds relationships with local businesses in your community

Most coworking spaces and flexible workplaces have some member perks included as part of their membership offering.

What is the Perks App?

Perks app for coworking spaces

The Perks App is a fully customizable app that allows you to create and manage offers and promote them to your users directly in the Optix app.

The Perks App makes it easier for you to manage and showcase all of the promos and benefits you’re offering to your community.

What are the features of the Perks App?

The Perks App is a simple, yet powerful way for you to improve your oversight of your member perks and engagement with these perks.

With the Perks App, admin can:

  • Manage all perks in a single view including active, inactive, and hidden perks
  • Create perks with multiple unique codes or a single use code or link
  • Measure how often perks are being “revealed” by users
  • Download perk usage reports

All active promos appear directly in the Optix app for users to view at any time.

For admin, the Perks App is an easy way to showcase all of your active promos to users. For users, the Perks App is a one-stop-shop to see all available perks and discounts.

What are the benefits of the Perks App?

Perks app for coworking spaces

Keeping track of discounts and measuring the efficacy of certain partnerships can be challenging without a proper system in place.

How do you know which perks your users get the most value from? Who is most likely to use which perk and when?

The Perks App gives you visibility into all of these issues. With the Perks App, admin can:

  • Determine which perks are most popular, so you can seek out more of these partnerships
  • Keep all past, present, and future perks organized in one place

Ready to get started with the Perks App? Check out our FAQ to learn more about how to get started with it in your coworking space.