Introducing: All New Plans and Passes

Learn about the newest update to the Optix platform, All New Plans and Passes!
By Kelly K
October 6, 2022
All New Plans and Passes in Optix

We’re very excited to announce our newest update to the Optix platform, All New Plans and Passes!

With this update comes some new features and functionality including one-time Passes, Custom Currency, and Free Trials, all designed to give you more flexibility and control over what you’re able to do in Optix.

Read on to learn more about this update and what it means for you and your business.

What is All New Plans and Passes?

All New Plans and Passes in Optix

All New Plans and Passes is our newest update to the Optix platform. It includes a number of new features including Passes, Allowance, Custom Currency, and Free Trials.

Our goal with this feature update is to deliver a better experience to our users. We take all of the feedback we receive from users into consideration to create a product that better serves your growing needs.

With All New Plans and Passes, you’ll be able to:

  • Have more control and flexibility with how you use the Optix platform
  • Explore different business models and ways of generating revenue for your space
  • Attract and support unique business and bring more people into your space
  • Use Optix in a way that goes beyond the traditional coworking model
  • Grow and scale your business with Optix

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you a series of deep-dive articles unpacking how you can use All New Plans and Passes to enhance your business and create a better experience for your members.

For now, we’ll start by sharing with you four of the key new features below.

What’s new in Optix? 

Custom Plans and Plan Templates

Custom plans in Optix

In Optix, Plans provide users recurring access and/or Allowance (hours, uses, monetary amount, or custom currency) to Resources, Products, and/or Location(s).

With this update, we’ve introduced a new way of creating and managing Plans in Optix: Custom Plans and Plan Templates.

Custom Plans give you more granular control over the user experience. Creating custom plans for users allows you to attract and support a wide range of business cases, while maintaining control over how you use Plans.

Plan Templates are designed to simplify your Plans dashboard and make assigning and managing your Plans easier. You can assign users to Plan Templates, grandfather them in, and then raise the price of that template without affecting existing users. This allows for more agility with how you approach your pricing strategy.

While these Templates can be purchased as is by your Users, you can also build from and customize Templates for specific Users to meet their individual needs.


  • Increased flexibility on invoice cadence of Plans (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Unique billing renewal dates for Plans (ie. Today, the first of the month, etc.)
  • Ability to backdate and update Plans in bulk
  • Create Plans with or without the need for a Template and assign to users or teams
  • Build Plans that include access to Products and Resources
  • Ability to change the visibility of Plans to either new or existing Users


Custom passes in Optix

Passes are packages of access and/or allowance for Bookings, Check-ins and/or Product purchases that your Users purchase.

With Passes, you can drive more revenue through one-off subscriptions, and support a wider variety of needs from your users. They are easy to create, easy to buy, and perfect for opening up the opportunity to drive revenue in ways outside of recurring Plans


  • Set an expiration date on Passes to increase urgency or encourage Pass usage within a certain time period
  • Assign Passes to users or teams
  • Match your Passes to your branding with custom coloring

Click here to learn the difference between a Plan, a Plan Template, and a Pass


Allowance in Optix

Allowance is the mechanism that provides Users and Teams with the ability to consume check-ins at your Location(s), make Resource Bookings, and/or purchase Products without incurring a charge. Allowance can be measured in hours, monetary currency, uses, and/or your own custom coin.

This enables you to design your membership plans with a lot more flexibility, and improve the value you provide to your members. It also serves to fit a variety of different business models across multiple industries, and change as your business grows.


  • Allow for purchases using Allowance + overuse from Plans/Passes or Allowance only
  • Allow users to make a purchase or booking using multiple sources of Allowance
  • Manually edit the amount of Allowance an account has
  • Allow users to purchase Allowance without a Plan

Custom Currency

Custom currency in Optix

Many organizations choose to use custom currency in their space in lieu of real money. In these spaces, members purchase “coins”, which can then be used to make a booking, purchase a product, or check in to the space.

Optix now supports this popular business model with our newest feature, Custom Currency. Once enabled, you’ll be able to create Plans or Passes that include a number of “coins” a month in Allowance, as opposed to real money or hours.

This allows you to run your business in a whole new way, without the use of money in your space entirely. People are more likely to buy and use coins when compared with money, which can support your business in significant ways.


  • Name your Custom Currency whatever you’d like
  • Set your own price conversion for your Custom Currency (ie. 1 desk booking = 10 coins)
  • Improve your branding through naming of a Custom coin

Free Trials

Free trials in Optix

Free trials are a popular acquisition tool for flexible workplace operators. To support this need, we’ve added Free Trial functionality to Optix. When you create a Plan or Plan template, you’ll be able to give users a free trial for however many days you’d like.

It’s a great way to attract new members to your space, and can serve as a powerful marketing tool to improve member acquisition.


  • Add Free Trials to Plans or Plan Templates
  • Select billing to begin at the start or end of the Free Trial period
  • Ability to change the visibility of Plans to either new or existing Users

Coming up: How to attract more members to your space with All New Plans and Passes

In our next article, we’ll be taking a deep dive into how you can use the features of All New Plans and Passes to bring more members into your space.