October 29, 2018

Boosting member engagement with the Community Feed

Boost your member engagement with Optix

According to a recent Harvard study, being a part of a community is one of the driving forces for joining a coworking space. Not only does it ease the isolation of remote work, but it expands members’ networks and facilitates new opportunities. 83% of members surveyed reported reduced loneliness and 64% said their coworking network brought them new work.

This is why the most successful coworking spaces are those that foster a sense of belonging. Members who feel as if they’re part of a thriving community are less inclined to leave. Creating the right level of engagement can be a challenge for venue managers, especially when utilizing an array of communication tools that can divide members’ attention.

This blog shares how you can use the Community Feed as a one-stop communication channel, supporting a loyal community that helps your coworking space thrive. Let’s dive in!

Establishing a centralized hub for communication

Boost your member engagement with Optix Community Feed

With an ever growing number of communication tools in the palm of our hands, it can be challenging to get important messages out to your members. Optix is designed to be the centralized hub for your members to engage with your workspace. With members already using your workplace app for bookings and payments, posting to the Community Feed is a great way to push out important information and can serve as the communication hub for your coworking space.

To get you started, here are some ideas for what you can share to drive engagement:

Community news: Introduce new members or share announcements of an existing member’s success. Keeping everyone connected and in the loop creates a sense of belonging. Not to mention, they get the chance to welcome and cheer each other on.

Events and workshops: By advertising your upcoming events on the Community Feed, you give your members the opportunity to see what’s coming up next and to get involved with the space. When posting event links in the Community Feed, an event card displaying the event’s name, time, and an image, will be automatically created.

Member perks: If you’ve negotiated deals with local businesses, the Community Feed is the place to share it. This is a great way to show your members that you are providing value-added services as part of their workplace experience.

All your space details: Let your members know how your community works. You can share information on updates to the space, holiday closures, kitchen etiquette, and cleaning schedules – the list goes on!


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Creating a member-powered community

Boost your member engagement with Optix Community Feed Notifications

The key to a truly thriving coworking community is for members to nurture it themselves – to support each other, welcome fellow coworkers, and organize their own events. Getting busy professionals to set aside their work and be proactively social, however, is not always easy.

Here are some ways you can use your Community Feed to encourage proactive member engagement:

Use push notifications: Use push notifications to make sure your most important announcements get noticed by your community. This is also a great way to introduce members to the feed if they haven’t discovered it yet!

Reward top contributors: Everyone loves prizes. To incentivize participation in the community, consider offering perks; such as a monthly membership discount to those who participate most.

Engage your most social members: Seeing certain members getting more involved? Ask them to help set an example for the rest of the community by sharing and commenting on the feed.

Kickstart social events: More often than not people are too shy to organize social events. Get the ball rolling by promoting some yourself and your community members will follow. Provide discounted rates to your event space if a community member wants to host an event and invite the community.

Facilitate connections: Know members who could help each other out? Introduce them at your next event. As one of our Future of Work thought leaders recently said: creating a community takes intention.

Encourage skillshares: Allow members to host informal workshops in their area of expertise! You’ll find that once you start a support network, members will feel empowered to help each other.

Boost your member engagement with Optix Community Feed

When all is said and done, community starts with you – the venue manager. Members are often too shy or too busy to kickstart it on their own. By taking advantage of your in-app Community Feed, you can proactively create a single spot for members to find the latest news, sign up for events, and get to know each other. In the process, you’ll create an engaged, self-sustaining community with happy members and the strong retention your coworking space needs to succeed.

Have questions about your Community Feed? Feel free to reach out to our support team.