Coworking + Therapy: Exploring the Trend of Coworking for Therapists

A coworking space for therapists is a shared workspace specifically designed to meet the needs of mental health professionals, such as therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists.
By Kelly K
June 23, 2023
Coworking for therapists

Imagine a space where therapists can come together, deepen their practice, and learn from other like-minded industry professionals all while shaping the future of mental wellness.

Welcome to the realm of coworking spaces designed exclusively for therapists, where the boundaries of traditional therapy dissolve, and the power of collaboration takes center stage. 

In this article, we will dive into the world of coworking spaces for therapists and mental health professionals, exploring how you can create a haven that nurtures their transformative work while fostering a vibrant community of healing practitioners.

What is a coworking space for therapists?

Coworking + Therapy spaces, also known as a coworking space for therapists, is a shared workspace specifically designed to meet the needs of mental health professionals, such as therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. 

It offers a collaborative environment where professionals can conduct therapy sessions, hold meetings with clients, and engage in other work-related activities at an affordable cost.

Traditionally, therapists with private practices needed to rent an office in a mixed-use building to see patients. These leases were typically inflexible and required a significant investment of time and capital.

Now, coworking spaces for therapists can provide practitioners with a private office or consultation room, fully equipped with the necessary amenities for conducting therapy sessions. 

The best part is that they can be booked on demand, monthly, daily, or even on an hourly basis.

Amenities in shared workspaces for therapists

Amenities in shared work spaces for therapists

Therapist-targeted shared workspaces are often designed to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring confidentiality and privacy for both the therapist and the client.

In addition to private rooms, these coworking spaces may offer shared amenities such as:

  • Waiting areas
  • Reception services
  • Administrative support
  • Access to therapy tools and resources

Some coworking spaces may also provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and professional development through workshops, seminars, or peer consultations. Events are also a popular choice for coworking spaces to build community and camaraderie among members.

Benefits of coworking spaces for mental health professionals

Coworking spaces designed for therapists offer several benefits to those in the mental health profession.

Professional, fully-furnished environment

Coworking spaces provide a professional setting that is specifically tailored to the needs of therapists. These spaces often have well-designed therapy rooms or offices, creating a comfortable atmosphere for all members.

This kind of professional environment can enhance the credibility and reputation of the therapists who use it.


Renting or owning a personal office space can be costly, especially for therapists starting their private practice or those with limited financial resources. 

Coworking spaces offer a more affordable alternative, as the expenses are shared among the members. It allows therapists to access high-quality facilities and resources at a fraction of the cost.

Flexibility with space needs

Coworking spaces provide flexibility in terms of lease agreements and office size. Therapists can choose the duration of their membership according to their needs, whether on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

As their practice grows, they can easily scale up their space requirements without the hassle of relocating or negotiating new leases. Or if they don’t require an office full-time, they can easily opt for on-demand bookings.

Collaboration and networking opportunities

Collaboration and networking opportunities in coworking for therapists

By bringing together professionals from various disciplines within the mental health field, coworking spaces enable collaboration, networking, and learning from peers. 

Therapists can connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate on projects or referrals. This can foster professional development and enhance the quality of care provided.

Resource sharing

Coworking spaces often provide shared amenities and resources, such as waiting areas, administrative support, access to therapy tools and resources, and sometimes even technology infrastructure. 

This eliminates the need for therapists to invest in these resources individually, making their work more efficient and cost-effective.

Reduced Isolation

Working as a therapist can sometimes be isolating, especially for those in private practice. 

Coworking spaces offer community and social interaction, where therapists can interact with colleagues and create meaningful connections. This can help combat professional isolation, provide a support system, and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Design and features of therapist-centered coworking spaces

Therapist-centered coworking spaces in a circle in a community

Coworking spaces designed for therapists pay careful attention to creating an environment that caters specifically to the needs of mental health professionals. Here are key aspects of their design and features.

1. Well-designed therapy rooms and offices

Coworking spaces for mental health professionals prioritize creating therapy rooms and offices that are aesthetically pleasing, calming, and comfortable. 

The design elements focus on promoting relaxation and creating a safe space for both therapists and their clients. Thoughtful consideration is given to lighting, colors, furniture, and overall ambiance to foster a therapeutic atmosphere.

2. Privacy and confidentiality considerations

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance in therapy settings. These spaces need to ensure the privacy of their members by providing soundproof rooms, sound masking technologies, and secure access protocols. 

These measures are in place to prevent the risk of eavesdropping or accidental breaches of confidentiality.

3. Amenities and resources tailored to therapist needs

Amenities and resources tailored to therapist needs in coworking

Coworking spaces understand the unique requirements of therapists and provide amenities that support their practice. These may include: 

  • Comfortable waiting areas for clients
  • Reception services
  • Scheduling software
  • Administrative support 
  • Access to therapy-related resources such as books, assessment tools, and therapeutic materials

4. Technology infrastructure and support

Many spaces designed for therapists offer reliable internet connectivity and tech support to ensure smooth teletherapy sessions, online scheduling, and electronic health record management. 

These spaces may also provide video conferencing equipment, encrypted communication tools, and secure data storage to maintain client confidentiality in the digital realm.

Examples of coworking spaces for therapists

Below are two examples of beautiful coworking spaces for therapists that are reinventing what work as a mental health professional can be. We’re also proud to call these wonderful spaces Optix clients!

Brooklyn Hourly Offices

Brooklyn Hourly Offices

Brooklyn Hourly Offices is a coworking space located in Brooklyn, New York that caters to therapists, coaches, and any professionals seeking a private office space on an as-needed basis. 

It was started by two therapists with private practices who saw a need for flexible affordable spaces for practitioners to see patients. As a result, they decided to build the perfect environment for mental health professionals.

The space is designed as a serene alternative to the traditional coworking space, complete with keyless entry, soundproof rooms, beautiful artwork, comfortable seating, and more.

“Rachael and Deborah both love helping people expand their businesses, grow their practices, and hold events at Brooklyn Hourly Offices and elsewhere that build community and provide private practice building strategies.”

This Human Thing

This Human Thing is an inspiring brand that is on a mission to rehumanize mental health. They organize therapeutic groups and workshops, host an accessible therapy program, and operate a coworking space for mental health professionals known as The Heart Center.

The Heart Center features three beautifully decorated and fully furnished therapy rooms, as well as an event space complete with yoga gear, meditation props, and instruments for industry professionals to access on demand.

“At This Human Thing, our aim is to re-humanize mental health by helping each other navigate and normalize the human experience. We seek to challenge the notion of “normal” when it comes to mental health.”
This Human Thing

What does a membership for a coworking space for mental health professionals look like?

Below is an example of what a membership plan for a coworking space for therapists may look like.

Basic Membership Premium Membership VIP Membership
$400/mo $700/mo $1,500/mo
  • Access to shared therapy rooms for up to 8 hours per month
  • Standard amenities included (high-speed internet, printing, scanning)
  • Additional resources available for purchase or rent
  • Dedicated private office or therapy room for up to 16 hours per month
  • Enhanced amenities included (priority access, additional storage)
  • Invitation to exclusive networking events, workshops, or professional development sessions
  • Full-time access to spacious, fully furnished private office or therapy suite
  • Premium amenities included (priority access, personalized reception services)
  • Comprehensive access to resources and tools
  • Priority booking of conference rooms or seminar spaces

How are these spaces changing what it means to be a mental health practitioner? 

Coworking spaces for therapists are revolutionizing the landscape of mental health practice, reshaping what it means to be a mental health practitioner. 

These spaces empower professionals, giving them a newfound sense of autonomy and the opportunity to start their own businesses. 

By providing a supportive and collaborative environment, coworking spaces enable more mental health professionals to venture out on their own, reclaiming power from large-scale organizations and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. 

Manage your coworking space for therapists with Optix

Therapists in a Coworking or Flex Space

Shared workspaces for therapists have emerged as transformative spaces that empower mental health professionals and redefine the way therapy is practiced. 

When opening this kind of space, you may be wondering how to manage all of your day-to-day tasks like invoicing, check-ins, and room bookings.

Coworking management software like Optix can help you automate all of your manual daily tasks and streamline your operations. That way, you can spend more time building relationships with your members and less time managing cumbersome tasks.

Learn more about how to manage your coworking space for therapists with Optix.