Introducing: A Fresh New Look for Optix

Here are the five things you'll need to know about the updated venue dashboard for managers!
By The Optix Team
November 15, 2017
Introducing: a fresh new look for Optix

We’re overjoyed to share that, after months of preparation, we’ve officially launched an updated version of your Optix manager’s web dashboard! Now, it’s easier than ever before for you and your fellow venue admins to manage the day-to-day operations at your venue. Along with the fresh new look, here are five things to know about making the most out of your new dashboard experience:

1. Navigate through an intuitive updated left-hand menu

Our updated left-hand menu includes all of the tools you find yourself using on a regular basis grouped for easy access.

2. Complete management actions swiftly with new side panels

Introducing: a fresh new look for Optix

In an effort to streamline your actions within the dashboard, we’ve introduced a new design element–side panels! On certain tabs of the dashboard, such as the users and teams tabs, as well as bookings tabs, a summary of info and suggested actions will slide in on the right-hand side when you select a specific booking, user or team from the list.

With side panels on the Booking tabs, you can now:

  • Review a booking’s details
  • See the invitees and who’s responded (attending vs. not attending)
  • Cancel booking

With side panels on the Users and Teams tabs, you can now:

  • View account details
  • View/update payment methods
  • View plans, assign new plans, cancel/modify current plans
  • View invoices, modify invoices, create blank invoices
  • Save notes
  • Send a new message, review previous message history
  • Send an email outside of Optix

3. Use filters to find the information you need

Introducing: a fresh new look for Optix

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the filters we added to the Users tab, we’ve added filters onto the Teams, Invoices, and Bookings tabs, too! This makes it easier than ever before to track down the information you’ll need.

4. Sort your invoices in the updated invoice tab

Introducing: a fresh new look for Optix

We’ve overhauled the way we display invoices. Now, instead of grouping invoices based on the user or team, you can enjoy a variety of groupings and sort your invoices by user, due date, paid vs. due, invoice number, and more!

5. Coming soon: Seamlessly manage multiple venues within your Optix dashboard

Introducing: a fresh new look for Optix

And perhaps the best news of all? The new dashboard can now support multi-venue management. This means you’ll be able to manage all of your venues seamlessly within one Optix dashboard. Stay tuned, as we’ll be making an official announcement in the coming weeks with more details about what this will mean for your business.

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