Introducing: Custom Properties for Members

Here are 3 things you need to know about our newest feature, custom properties for members!
By The Optix Team
May 23, 2018
Custom properties for coworking spaces

We’ve often heard that you want to be able to modify and customize the information that you collect and store in Optix on your members. Our team has listened to your feedback and we are excited to be ramping up our CRM capabilities and launching custom properties for members! We’ve included three things you need to know in order to start using this feature in your coworking space.

For managers: Collect information from your users by creating and editing custom properties

Custom properties for coworking spaces

As a venue manager, you can now create custom properties for your members! Here are some examples of custom properties to help get the ideas flowing:

  • ‘Workplace preference’ (e.g. standing desk, lounge space, etc.)
  • ‘Favorite snack’ (e.g. fruit, potato chips, granola, etc.)
  • ‘Job type’ (e.g. creative, technical, etc.)
  • ‘Accessibility requirements’ (e.g. wheelchair ramp needed, etc.)
  • ‘Birthday’ (e.g. June 1st, 1983)
  • ‘Emergency contact number’ (e.g. 604-888-3298)

There are plenty of options and it doesn’t end here. In addition to creating custom properties, you’ll also be able to edit or update a custom property at any time.

For managers: Decide who you’d like to populate and view the property that you created

Custom properties for coworking spaces

Custom properties can be populated by either you or by a member and can be made either required or optional. For properties that are populated by a member, you can either prompt them to fill the field out during the member onboarding experience or have it be something they fill out in their profile.

You can also indicate whether properties should be listed on the member’s public profile or not. An example of a property that could be listed is ‘Skills I want to learn’.

For managers: View and filter your users by custom properties and attributes

Custom properties for coworking spaces

Once you’ve created custom properties, you’ll be able to view and filter your user list by these properties and attributes. For example, you could filter your users that have filled out a ‘Workplace preference’ or you could filter your users by those that have indicated standing desk as their ‘Workplace preference’.

Through collecting information on your members throughout the onboarding process and once they’ve integrated into your community, you can continue to put the needs of your members first – ensuring you’re evolving along with the needs of your community!

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