Introducing: Events

How to elevate the event experience in your coworking space with the help of Optix
By The Optix Team
November 13, 2019
Events in coworking spaces - Optix

We are passionate about creating tools for you to continue to animate and engage your community. Our team has been hard at work designing a new app, Events, that will help you take your member experience to the next level!

Without further ado, here are three things you should know about Events in Optix.

1. Your upcoming events will be promoted on the home screen of your mobile app

Events in coworking spaces - Optix

Upcoming events will be displayed in a list as well as calendar form accessible from the home screen of the mobile app for your users to be able to easily browse. They’ll be able to click on the event and be directed automatically to the event page to RSVP, buy tickets, and more.

2. You’ll be able to link to any event published on your favorite event platforms

Events in coworking spaces - Optix

Adding an event is simple. Optix supports adding events from your favorite event platforms such as Eventbrite, Facebook, All Events, Eventful, and more. Once you paste in your event link, Optix will automatically populate the event card, giving you the option to select either your venue as the location for the event, or the location listed on the event webpage.

3. Event details will be automatically updated

Change the date for your event? Update the name or location of your event? No problem. Optix will pull the latest details into the app to ensure your community stays up to date.

Ready to get started? Learn how to promote your events with Optix by reading this FAQ.