6 New CRM and Customer Support Integrations

Learn how to streamline the process of managing your venue with CRM and Customer Support integrations
By The Optix Team
March 9, 2017
6 new CRM and Customer Support integrations

Zapier allows you to integrate your Optix venue dashboard with over 750 apps, many of which you may already use to run your coworking space. In this article, we’ll give you a brief overview of how Zapier integrations work, how they add value to your business, and some new exciting zaps that are available for you to integrate with your Optix dashboard. This article will focus on integrating Optix, your coworking software, with CRM and Support Ticket platforms such as Hubspot and ZenDesk.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier allows you to connect your Optix account to other apps through “zaps.” A zap is made up of two components: a trigger and an action. We’ve added a number of Optix triggers to Zapier (triggers like adding a new user into Optix, an Optix user makes a booking, and an Optix user pays an invoice), which you can then connect with an action in another app.

To get you started, we’ve recently added some new pre-made “zap templates,” which basically means a shortcut, making it easier than ever for you to get your Optix integrations set up.

Copy new Optix users’ information into your preferred CRM automatically

Does your venue rely on a CRM software to track prospective leads, current clients, or lost leads? You’ll be happy to know we’ve added some integrations designed to help specifically with the “current client” part of your CRM on-boarding. Choose one of our three suggested CRM zaps (or create your own!) to ensure that newly added Optix users are automatically added into your preferred CRM software. To set up one of the Optix-CRM integrations, click Use this Zap below.

Track, monitor, and categorize your Optix user support requests

One of the ongoing and time-consuming tasks facing coworking venues is offering unparalleled customer support to your members. The more members your venue has, the more opportunities there are for support requests to fall through the cracks. One of the wonderful features of Optix is our in-app user support, which allows Optix users to send their questions and concerns to you anytime, anywhere through your venue’s mobile app. So if you’d like to take your member support one step further, consider integrating Optix with a customer support software, such as Desk or ZenDesk. This way, tickets raised in Optix will be automatically created, logged, and tracked. This will help ensure you’re offering all of your members the support they deserve, while keeping member support from overtaking your entire day. To set up one of the three Optix-Customer Support integrations, click Use this Zap below.

Multi-Step Zaps = endless possibilities

In addition to our newly added Optix zap templates, there’s another piece of exciting integration news to share: recently, Zapier introduced Multi-Step Zaps. Previously, zaps could only have two steps: a trigger and an action. Now one trigger can lead to multiple actions, which makes running your business that much simpler.

For example, adding a new user into your Optix account could automatically trigger all of the actions which would ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Have Zapier automatically post a welcome message in your venue’s slack channel, send the new user a digital membership agreement to sign, and add them to your CRM software as a contact, all in the blink of an eye. To learn more about Multi-Step Zaps, click here.

Even more integrations on the way!

Expect to see new suggested zaps hitting the zapbook page over the coming weeks. We’ve been in conversation with our current Optix clients to hear more about the types of integrations they’d like to see. Don’t see the zap you’d like to create? Get in touch and we’d be happy to help you to create it!