Introducing: One-off Plans

Four important things to know about one-off plans
By The Optix Team
February 1, 2018
Whats new in Optix: January 2018

We’re thrilled to share with you the newest type of membership plan you can create and assign to your members–one-off plans. We’ve rounded up the top four things you’ll need to know about one-off plans before you’re ready to start creating a few and assigning them to your members and teams.

1. What a one-off plan is, in a nutshell

A one-off plan is a plan you’ll assign to your members or teams which they pay for entirely upfront. This means that instead of setting the billing cycle to ‘recurs monthly’ or ‘recurs yearly’, you can instead choose the newest option of ‘one-time payment.’ This is a great way to offer your members special introductory deals, one week passes, hot desk drop-ins, and so much more.

2. Custom build one-off plans for introductory deals, special promotions, and more

Introducing: one-off plans

The possibilities are endless with one-off plans. They’re a great way to offer an introductory month at a special price, create a free day/week trial for prospective members to test out the space, or even to build a hot desk drop-in plan that you can assign to members who are only occasionally in your space.

3. How the ‘default contract length’ works

Introducing: one-off plans

When you build a one-off plan, you’ll set a default contract length. Since one-off plans are non-recurring, this contract length will be the default length of time you’d like members assigned to this plan to be able to access the amenities and/or space allowance(s) before the plan automatically expires.

When you’re assigning this plan to a user, the plan’s start date will default to today and the plan’s default end date will be set to today’s date + [default contract length]. You’ll have the ability to edit the length of the contract before confirming.

However if you’ve enabled new member self onboarding, the default contract length on any one-off public-facing plans will be fixed. This allows you to create a one-off plan that’s free but create a finite contract length (one day, one week, etc) before it automatically expires.

4. Space allowance included in a one-off plan can be used anytime during the contract length

Introducing: one-off plans

Unlike the monthly-recurring and yearly-recurring plans (where any access credits a member doesn’t use in a month won’t roll over to the next month), a one-off plan’s access allowance can be used anytime during the plan’s contract length and only expires on the contract’s final day.

For example, consider you want to offer 24 hours of meeting room access to a member that they can use during a 3 month period of time. You can either offer this access as a monthly recurring plan (8 hours per month for 3 consecutive months = 24 hours total), or as a one-off plan (24 hours to be used anytime during the 3 months). If the member is on a recurring plan and only uses 7 hours in their first month, on Feb 1st they’ll have a new 8 hours to use and that unused hour from January is wasted. If they’re on a one-off plan with a contract length of 3 months, they’ll begin January with 17 hours left that they can use anytime during February or March.

We’d love to hear how you end up using one-off plans at your coworking space! Send us an email to let us know what you have in mind. Not yet an Optix client? Get started for free today.