Introducing: Optix and IronWiFi Integration

Streamline your check-in process and level-up your internet security with our newest integration with IronWiFi
By Kelly K
March 31, 2022
optix and IronWiFi integration

Streamline your check-in process and level-up your internet security with our newest integration with IronWiFi!

This integration will allow admin to:

  • Manage WiFi access in their workspace
  • Measure who is present in the space at any given time
  • Automate the Optix check-in process for members

Read on to learn more about how IronWiFi and Optix can help you manage your coworking space.

For a complete breakdown of how to set up IronWiFi with your Optix account, check out our FAQ on how to connect Optix and IronWiFi.

What is IronWiFi?

IronWiFi is a cloud-based RADIUS and captive portal platform that acts as a barrier between your members and the internet.

It offers an additional layer of internet security for members, as well as increased oversight and control for admins by requiring a username and password to use the WiFi.

It’s an effective way of ensuring only paying members are using your space and accessing your internet.

Don’t have a captive portal set up? Check out the IronWiFi website to learn more about the benefits of a cloud-based RADIUS and captive portal system.

What are the features of this integration?

optix and IronWiFi integration

For those of you who already have IronWiFi set up in your flexible workspace, this integration will allow you to:

  • Grant access to the WiFi only after a member enters their Optix username and password
  • Automatically check a member in via Optix once they join the WiFi

Ensuring members are checking in can be one of the biggest challenges for coworking community managers. The IronWiFi and Optix integration can alleviate much of the hassle of this process. It also streamlines the user’s experience by checking them in automatically.

To learn more about how check-ins work with Optix, check out our check-in help article.

How will the Optix and IronWiFi integration help your coworking space?

IronWiFi and Optix integration

Some benefits of integrating your Optix account with IronWiFi include:

  • Helps enforce members are checking in and paying for use of the coworking space/workspace
  • Cuts down on admin time having to monitor users and whether or not they’ve  checked-in
  • Makes the experience more seamless for members because they don’t have to manually check-in

Ultimately, this integration will increase the security of your workplace, streamline the check-in process for members and managers, and ensure only paying members are accessing your internet services.

Ready to get started? Visit our FAQ to learn about how to get started with IronWiFi and Optix.