What’s New in Optix: April 2019

Learn about what we’ve added to Optix during the month of April!
By The Optix Team
May 6, 2019
Whats new in Optix: April 2019

This month our focus has been on improvements for both managers and users alike. We released a number of upgrades and new functionality to the venue managers dashboard including being able to specify cancellation windows for bookings, hide void invoices in your dashboard, and more! Without further ado, see what we’ve added to Optix in the month of April.

For managers: Enable custom cancellation windows for bookings

Whats new in Optix: April 2019

You’ll now be able to set and customize cancellation windows for each of your bookable rooms and desks. The cancellation window will prevent a booking from being changed or cancelled within the specified period prior to the booking start time. This allows you to have more control over your inventory of spaces while helping to maximize revenue. Read this FAQ to learn how to enable and customize your cancellation windows.

For managers: Hide void invoices in your venue dashboard

Whats new in Optix: April 2019

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! You’ll now be able to hide void invoices in the invoices tab in your venue dashboard, allowing you to focus on what matters while enabling you to access your full list of records if needed. Go to your invoices tab now to check out the new, clean view now!

For managers: Create admin-controlled spaces

Whats new in Optix: April 2019

Do you have an event space that you want your management team to control? Or maybe you have specific meeting rooms that you don’t want to be bookable by your users via the app? We are excited to share that venue managers can now create spaces that can only be booked by you and your management team, not by your users via the app. Read this FAQ to learn more on how to create an admin-controlled space.

For users: Improved sign-in flow

Whats new in Optix: April 2019

We believe it is important to continually improve upon the features and functionality we build into our product. This month, we have made updates to the user sign-in flow with the goal of minimizing user duplication in situations where a user incorrectly enters their email address or uses an email other than the one they were registered with. Less false starts and more happy beginnings!