What’s New in Optix: August 2018

Learn about what we’ve added to Optix during the month of August!
By The Optix Team
August 30, 2018
What's new in Optix: August 2018

In this last month of summer, we are excited to announce some new improvements including a team directory and the ability to post images to the community feed! We are also getting ready for September – some exciting announcements are ahead.

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For users: New team directory and improved team profiles

What's new in Optix: August 2018

We are excited to announce that in addition to your member directory, your app will now have its own team directory! Your members will be able to access your team directory via the Connect tab in the app, and will be able to browse through all of the teams and companies that work out of your coworking space. In addition to their teams name, description, website, and Twitter account, your members will now also be able to add their specialities, industry, and HQ city to their team profile. Here is a FAQ that you can pass along to your members to learn more!

For both: Post images to your community feed

What's new in Optix: August 2018

You’ve asked for it and we’ve listened. You and your members will now be able to post images to your community feed! Time to start capturing moments in your venue and sharing them with your community. Want your members to join you for Friday work drinks? Snap a photo and share it to the feed! Want to share some of the great pictures you took from last night’s event? Now you can.

🔜 Coming soon for managers: Sign-up and onboard users through your website!

What's new in Optix: August 2018

One of the new features we are working towards releasing in September is a web widget that will enable you to sign-up and onboard users into your app through your website! Prospective members will be able to select their plan, input their credit card details, and get invited to join the app! Stay tuned for more on this new feature.