What’s new in Optix: February 2020

Learn about what we’ve added to Optix during the month of February
By The Optix Team
February 27, 2020
Optix and quickbooks integration

This month we’ve launched a beta integration app with QuickBooks Online, updated our Events app, and more. So without further ado, here’s what’s new this month!


Quickbooks Online integration app

Optix and quickbooks integration

We’re excited to launch our newest accounting beta integration app, this month for QuickBooks Online (in case you missed it, we launched a Xero beta integration app last month)! It’s now possible to completely streamline  your accounting with QuickBooks Online and Optix working together. Read more about the launch here and get in touch with us to get started.


The ability to add an event manually with a link 

Add events to Optix with a link

It’s now even easier to manage events within Optix using our Events app. You can create a new event manually with any link, whether or not that link is from an event management platform. Link to your website or any other page and manually add the relevant event detail to share with your members. Click here to learn more.


The ability to add and edit an invoice item on a finalized invoice

Edit and add invoices

Working with invoices in Optix is now even more flexible with the ability to add/edit an item on a finalized invoice. Any of your Due, Upcoming, or Overdue invoices can be edited to add additional charge or credit items, or you can make changes to any manual, custom invoice items. Click here to learn more.


The ability to edit a due date on a finalized invoice

Managing invoices in Optix

Managers can now change the due date on a finalized invoice to keep consistent accounting records and ensure your invoices are always up to date. This feature will also ensure invoice due dates are synced across any of our accounting integration apps as well.