Secure your WiFi and automate your check-in process.
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Optix and IronWiFi Integration

Save time on WiFi management with the Optix and IronWiFi integration.

  • Manage WiFi access in your workspace
  • Measure who is present in the space at any given time
  • Automate the Optix check-in process for users 
  • Ensure only paying users are benefiting from your WiFi services

IronWiFi is a cloud-based RADIUS and captive portal platform that acts as a barrier between users and the internet. It offers an additional layer of internet security for users, as well as increased oversight and control for admins by requiring a username and password to use the WiFi.

Wondering how to connect Optix and IronWiFi? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Install IronWiFi in the Optix platform
  2. Input your IronWiFi API Key and IronWiFi region
  3. Add the Captive Portal created for your location
  4. Click Save and Sync
  5. Include the Hostname: `` to the allowed IPs/Hostname

For a complete breakdown of how to integrate Optix and IronWiFi, check out our FAQ.

  • Grant access to the WiFi only after a member enters their Optix username and password
  • Automatically check a member in via Optix once they join the WiFi
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Ready to get started?

Connecting Optix with IronWiFi makes it easier than ever to manage WiFi access in your space.