Automate billing and accept payments through any mobile device.
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Optix and Stripe Integration

Optix and Stripe work together to help you automate your invoicing and create a better experience for your members.  

  • Automate your monthly invoicing
  • Accept payments via a mobile device
  • Keep track of your payments

You need to set up a payment gateway to accept payments in Optix.

Stripe is a payment processing software that enables you to accept a variety of digital payment methods via a mobile device. They help businesses of all sizes reduce fraud, manage business spend, issue physical and virtual cards, and more.

Looking to set up Stripe as your payment gateway in Optix? Follow the steps below:

  • Install Stripe in your Optix account 
  • Sign in to your Stripe account via Optix 
  • Authorize access to your Stripe account

For more information on how to connect Stripe with your Optix account, check out our FAQ.

  • Charge users automatically in Stripe when an invoice is due in Optix
  • Enable users to view an invoice and pay for it automatically in Optix
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Connecting Optix with Stripe makes it easier than ever to seamlessly accept payments.