Coworking + Recording Studios: Exploring a New Coworking Niche

Learn all about this emerging niche in this comprehensive guide to coworking + recording studios.
By Kelly K
March 9, 2023
Flex recording studios for rent - a new coworking niche

There’s a lot to be excited about in the coworking industry, with new niches popping up every single day.

We’ve written extensively about coworking niches here at Optix – covering everything from micro-gyms to medical coworking to coworking for parents.

In this article, we’ll be diving into one of the lesser-known coworking niches, Coworking + Recording Studios.

While still relatively new to the market, these studios are completely transforming the way independent creators and artists produce content. Read on to learn more about this new and exciting niche.  

What is a coworking recording studio?

Coworking + Recording Studios, also known as a coworking recording studio, is a large space outfitted with multiple individual and professional-quality recording studios. 

Imagine a coworking space full of private offices – but instead of each room being equipped with a desk, chair, and monitor, each room is a turn-key, state-of-the-art recording space.

The vision is that anyone can walk in off the street, purchase a room for a few hours, and create high-quality audio content or music comfortably at an affordable cost. This is radically different from the way recording studios have traditionally operated.

Where did the idea of coworking recording studios come from?

Coworking Flex Studios Idea and Origin - where it came from

Coworking recording studios are a new niche that has emerged out of the need for independent recording space by emerging artists, content creators, and podcasters.

The old way of recording

An audio recording has always been seen as being generally inaccessible for the average person. While recording studios for rent have been around for a while, they are typically: 

  • Very high-end and expensive 
  • Catered solely toward professional musical artists
  • Available only in major cities or art hubs
  • Unable to be booked turn-key
  • Not designed for podcasters or YouTubers

This means traditional recording studios are unable to meet the needs of a growing population of independent artists and creators who need access to professional audio equipment.

The new way of recording

In contrast, coworking recording studios aim to make recording more accessible for the everyday creator. They do this by:

  • Offering different kinds of recording spaces to meet a wide variety of needs, from cozy podcasting rooms to high-end musical studios
  • Creating affordable membership plans for their members with minimal commitment required
  • Equipping their space with professional equipment at a fraction of the cost, rather than if members were to purchase that equipment themselves

By creating recording spaces specifically for new-age creators and artists, coworking recording studios have enabled themselves to capitalize on an unmet need in the market.

Who are coworking recording studios for?

Coworking Flex Studios Target audience and clients

Essentially, a coworking recording studio is for anyone who is wanting to create high-quality audio and/or video content at an affordable cost. This includes:

  • Content creators
  • Podcasters
  • Aspiring musical artists
  • Voice actors
  • Producers 
  • Companies looking for professional recording equipment

The last point is an especially interesting demographic for aspiring coworking recording studio operators to target. 

As companies look to incorporate more video and audio content into their marketing strategies, they need access to high-quality equipment. However, many are not knowledgeable about what it takes to create audio content successfully.

This creates a great opportunity for coworking studios to fill this need.

What do coworking recording studios typically include?

Recording studio in a flex coworking space

Coworking recording studios are still such a new concept, that no two spaces are the same. However, there are a few common occurrences that you could expect to find in the spaces you visit.

  • State-of-the-art equipment: one of the biggest draws and most important aspects of a coworking recording space is the equipment. Every space will offer state-of-the-art audio (and perhaps video) recording equipment that can be offered on-demand or as part of the membership plan.
    • Instruments: some spaces may choose to offer instruments or other musical accompaniment, depending on what kind of audience they are most looking to attract.
  • Variety of rooms for recording and filming: the beautiful thing about coworking recording studios is they can fit the needs of a variety of different creators. Because of this, you’re likely to find many different kinds of rooms to rent depending on if you are a videographer looking to film a podcast or a musician looking to record a song.
  • Online or in-person community events: true to its coworking roots, many recording studios will include some element of events to bring the community together, whether that’s online or in-person.
  • Audio engineering and other professional help and mentorship: coworking recording studios pride themselves on being an all-in-one solution for the average individual. Because of this, it’s very common to see audio engineering and other mentorship resources offered in these spaces.
  • Digital resources: digital resources, such as how-to guides or videos for using equipment may be offered to help individuals get set-up with everything they need.

Which of the above is offered in each space will largely depend on the demographic the space is catering to and the place it’s located in.

Benefits of a coworking recording studio

Benefits of a Flex recording studio

The greatest benefit of coworking recording studios is they make professional quality audio and video recording more accessible for individuals. Below are a few other benefits that coworking recording studios offer to their members.

A more affordable option for emerging creators

High-end audio and video recording equipment is expensive and can easily cost thousands of dollars to obtain. Not to mention, if you want to record yourself on video for a video podcast, you’ll need a professional-looking space to record in.

Coworking studios offer creators the opportunity to record and film in a space, without investing money into purchasing the equipment themselves. They’ll receive access to equipment, resources, and community which can be invaluable to those just starting out.

Access to resources like digital content, mentorship

Many coworking recording studios go beyond just offering you a space to record. They also offer a plethora of resources you can use at your disposal. This may include:

  • Audio engineering
  • Post-production recording support
  • Small business mentorship
  • Information on how to use each piece of provided equipment

For those who have dreams of starting a podcast but don’t know where to start, this can be a great way to get your foot into the door of audio content.

Being a part of a community

Being a creator can be isolating. It can be difficult to meet people who share your passions and therefore, difficult to learn from others.

Coworking recording studios, like other flex spaces, offer their members a community of like-minded individuals to learn from and grow with.

Examples of coworking studios for recording

Curious to see what a coworking recording studio looks like in action? Here are two Optix clients that are shaping the way we think about recording studios and coworking spaces.


Recordical - Flex Space Recording Studio for Creatives

Recordical is a coworking recording studio offering individuals fully-equipped recording studios, studio-in-a-suitcase equipment rentals, premium content, and a diverse audio community according to their website.

They designed their space and services based on the needs of hundreds of creators that they surveyed. As a result, they offer one of the most customer-centric recording spaces there is, complete with flexible pricing plans and mentorship to help aspiring creators achieve their goals.

“The quest to find high-quality recording space, equipment, community, and resources as a creator is…overwhelming. And if the first steps are daunting, even the most determined person can forget their big “why.” Recordical is designed to be simple without sacrificing style or quality, giving content creators the tools they need to make audio magic.”

Grindhaus Studios

Jet of Grindhaus Studios - A flex recording studio

Grindhaus Studios offers a variety of recording studios geared primarily towards independent musical artists. Their all-in-one membership plans include hourly access to studios, free events, and dedicated recording software.

They also offer ad hoc mixing and mastering services for a set price. Not only does this benefit their members, but it also opens up an additional revenue opportunity for the studio space. 

“Grindhaus is where artists grow in a collaborative community and acquire the tools needed to scale their musical projects to the next level. We create gathering places for artists to collaborate freely through music and human connection.”

Recording studios and coworking

Two people talking on a podcast in a recording studio

At first glance, flexible recording studios and traditional coworking spaces may not seem to have a lot in common. However, much like other coworking space niches, coworking recording studios borrow from the coworking business model and sell space as their primary way of making money.

Operators will purchase a large space and equip it with individual recording studios. They’ll offer a number of additional amenities and package them along with access to space into a membership plan to purchase. 

The primary driver of this membership is the space itself – just like coworking spaces.

Coworking recording studios and coworking spaces have a few other things in common:

  • Made for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers: coworking recording studios are designed for independent artists and creators, much like how coworking spaces originally catered to those who worked independently.
  • Can be a driver of community: both coworking spaces and coworking recording studios can be used to create community, especially amongst populations where a community may not be as easy to come by, like independent creators. 
  • Best managed with the help of technology: both coworking spaces and coworking recording studios can benefit from the management of technology. Learn more about how to manage your coworking space with software.

Optix for coworking recording studios

Optix is a premium coworking space software provider that is proud to power a number of coworking recording studios. 

Our services support coworking recording studio operators in providing their members with a seamless user experience, from room booking to invoicing and beyond.

Want to learn more about how Optix can support your space? Book a demo with a member of our team today.