Introducing: Report an Issue

Here are the five things you need to know about 'Report an Issue.'
By The Optix Team
July 14, 2017
Report an issue in your coworking space

It’s a simple fact that the people who work in your workplace serve as the eyes and ears of what’s going on (and what might be going wrong). And it only makes sense that they’d have a straightforward way to alert you when they find an issue. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new feature we think you’re going to love: Report an Issue.

1. ‘Report an Issue’ is built into your branded mobile app

When users find an issue within your venue (i.e. the printer’s out of ink or a chair leg is broken), they can send you a quick message from the ‘Report an Issue’ section of their mobile app. Within seconds, they’ll be able to share what’s wrong so that you can jump into action to create a solution for them.

Report an issue in your coworking space

This allows users to send their report with a few quick taps on their phone. This makes it easy for them to let you know about the problem as soon as they discover it. It’s a great way to ensure issues are resolved quickly.

2. Users can even add a photo, location, and/or a note to their report!

If a user would like to take an extra minute to add more information into their report, they have three optional fields they can choose to fill out before hitting submit: Location, Photo, and Note.

Location will let them choose the space within the venue where they found the issue. Photo allows them to attach a photo of the issue (i.e. the broken chair or a leak in the wall of the meeting room). Finally, note gives them a place to add any more details they’d like to share.

3. You’ll receive these issue reports as an email

Once a user hits “send” on their issue report, you and your venue’s admins will receive it as an email. If you would like to stop receiving these emails, you can turn off the email notification in the ‘Account’ tab of your venue dashboard (learn how to do that here).

4. You can integrate ‘Report an Issue’ with your favorite help desk software

If you use a help desk support software (such as Zendesk or FreshDesk) to manage support inquiries, we recommend setting up one of our new ‘Report an Issue’ integrations, available via our partnership with Zapier. This will ensure that as soon as a user submits a venue issue report, it will get automatically copied as a ticket within your support software. That way, you can keep all of your support tickets saved in one place. Here are the pre-made zap templates we’ve built to make the process of integration simple.


5. You can disable it if you’d like

We’ve designed this feature with an easy on/off toggle that allows you to choose whether or not your users see the “Report an Issue” section within the mobile app. You can disable this feature within the ‘Settings’ tab of your venue dashboard (learn how to do that here).

We hope you’ll love this new feature as much as we do!