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Optix and Zapier Integration

Optix and Zapier work together to help you connect your Optix account with the apps and services you use in your flexible workspace. 

  • Automate workflows in your space
  • Build an integrated tech ecosystem
  • Connect your favorite apps and services
  • Save time and money on manual processes

Zapier is a cloud-based platform that connects your apps and services with one another. Through Zapier, you can integrate over 5,000 apps with the services you use to help you automate your workflows.

Looking to connect Optix and Zapier? Follow the steps below:

  1. Install Zapier in Optix
  2. Select the Zap you’d like to set up
  3. Log into your Zapier account
  4. Zapier will guide you from there!

For more information on how to connect Optix with Zapier, check out our FAQ

  • Send your membership agreement for signing via Optix
  • Add new members to your CRM tool
  • Automate your emails and marketing campaigns
  • Get notified of new bookings and sales in Slack
  • Manage maintenance requests in your issue reporting system
  • Receive feedback via automatic surveying
  • Create one-way integrations with your preferred accounting system

Learn more about the Optix and Zapier integration in this in-depth guide.

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Connecting Optix with Zapier can enable thousands of integrations in your space.