What’s New in Optix: October 2017

Learn about what we've added to Optix during the month of October!
By The Optix Team
October 30, 2017
Whats new in Optix: October 2017

The theme of October’s updates is improvements, improvements, improvements! From revamping our check-in system to creating a more robust home screen timeline on the user app, we’ve focused on updating existing features to make them more intuitive, useful, and–dare I say it–fun! So without further ado, see what we’ve added to Optix in the month of October.

For both: Introducing ‘Daily Check-ins’

Whats new in Optix: October 2017

Now, it’s easier than ever before to set your members up with access to your venue with daily check-ins. The daily check-in feature allows your members arrive to your venue, grab their phone and tap the checkmark icon on the home screen of your app to check in for their day of work. Once a member has checked in for the day, the circle around the checkmark icon on the home screen of their app will turn green and one day will be deducted from their plan’s allowance. Simple as that!

Don’t want your members to have to do this? You (or one of your venue admins) can monitor who shows up as ‘present’ from the Overview tab of the venue dashboard and check them in on their behalf with one simple click.

For your members: Improved home screen timeline

Whats new in Optix: October 2017

You and your members will be happy to know we’ve added some new events to the timeline, found on the home screen of your members’ app. This update to the timeline will allow your members to better track their activity within your venue at a glance, as it centralizes information from multiple screens of the app into one convenient snapshot.

Four different actions will now trigger an event getting added to a member’s timeline:

  • New check-ins: When a member checks in for the day, they’ll see the time of their check-in.
  • New desk bookings: When a member books a desk, they’ll see the name of the desk group, the date, and the time of their booking.
  • New room bookings: When a member books a room, they’ll see the title of their room booking (if they leave this blank, it will default to the name of the room), as well as the date and time of their booking and any attendees they’ve asked to join them.
  • New issues reported: When a member reports an issue at your venue, they’ll see the details for the issue they submitted to you.
  • New invoices paid: When a member pays for an invoice, they’ll see the invoice number and amount paid. If the member has auto-payments turned on, they’ll see invoices that have been automatically paid in their timeline, too!

Coming soon: Improved venue dashboard for managers

Whats new in Optix: October 2017

Next month, we’ll be rolling out a new and improved version of the web dashboard that you and your fellow venue admins use to manage the day-to-day operations at your venue. In particular, we’ve worked hard to make the tabs you find yourself using everyday (bookings, users, etc) more intuitive and delightful in preparation for our impending release of multi-venue functionality. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we’ll be sharing more details about making the most out of the new venue dashboard!