What’s New in Optix: September 2018

Learn about what we’ve added to Optix during the month of September!
By The Optix Team
September 27, 2018
What's New in Optix: September 2018

This month we are excited to announce our latest feature, Web User Sign-up, as well as some key improvements to both the apps and the venue dashboard, including the ability for users to add skills to their profile. It’s time to fall in love with these new features – so without further ado, here’s what’s new this month!

For managers: Sign-up and onboard users from your website!

What's New in Optix: September 2018

Get ready to turn your coworking website into a powerful tool. This month we are excited to launch our newest feature, Web User Sign-up, which will enable you to convert prospective members right from your website! You’ll be able to customize the look and feel of the feature, plug it in directly to your website, and funnel those newly acquired members right into your Optix venue dashboard user list.

Read the feature announcement article to learn more.

For users: Add skills to your profile page and filter the member directory

What's New in Optix: September 2018

As your coworking space continues to grow it’s community, it may be more and more difficult to make those personalized connections between your members. Enable them to create connections on their own by encouraging them to use the member directory and the new skills functionality.

Members will now be able to add skills to their profile page, allowing them to showcase to their community what they do, what they’re interested in, and what their strengths are. If your members are browsing through the directory, and come across someone they’d like reach out to, they’ll be able to see what their skills are – potentially finding some common ground to kick off the conversation.

If your members reach out to learn how to do this, you can share this FAQ with them.

For users: Filter meeting rooms and desks

What's New in Optix: September 2018

We’ve just made in-app booking a whole lot easier. Your members will now be able to filter meeting rooms and desks in the app by the following:

  • Start time
  • Duration or End time
  • Capacity
  • Name
  • Amenities (meeting rooms only)
  • Hourly price range
  • Favorites

Here is an FAQ you can share with your members if they have any questions!

For managers: Create meeting room bookings in 15-minute increments from your venue dashboard

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! It’s time to increase the utilization of your meeting rooms – every minute counts. You’ll now be able to create meeting room bookings for 15 minutes, or in 15-minute increments, from your venue dashboard. Check out this FAQ to learn more!