5 Simple Ways to Encourage Mobile Adoption by your Members

“How can I encourage my members to download and use my venue’s app?”
By The Optix Team
September 7, 2017
5 Simple Ways to Encourage Mobile Adoption by your Members

It’s a common question we hear from our new and prospective clients. While many members of a community are often quick to find many things to love about using the Optix app, those who have grown accustomed to handling all of their day-to-day tasks on their laptop (or those individuals who aren’t quite as tech-savvy) might be initially resistant to incorporating the mobile app into their daily routine. So how do you get these individuals on board? In reality, it’s easier than you might think! It just takes the right approach.

Here, we share some of the techniques our clients have mastered to ensure all of their members are enrolled in using their mobile app.

1. Make sure your members know how to download your app

5 Simple Ways to Encourage Mobile Adoption by your Members

Just because it’s straightforward doesn’t mean it necessarily goes without saying. When you add a new member to your space as a user within Optix, we’ll send them a welcome email inviting them to download the app and set up their account. For many, this is all they’ll need. But for some, a gentle follow-up might go a long way.

Did you know that you can easily see who still hasn’t downloaded your app? Within your venue dashboard, you can filter your Optix user list to only include users who haven’t downloaded the app yet. Then, you can send them all a quick reminder email within seconds, simple as that. Learn how to do that here.

2. Show members where they can find comprehensive answers to all of their app-related questions

5 Simple Ways to Encourage Mobile Adoption by your Members

Looking for a resource to share that helps you ensure your members can learn everything they need to know about using their new app? We’ve created extensive FAQs for iOS users and Android users alike.

Not sure what kind of device they use? Looking for a more generic link you can send out to new members to welcome them to your space? You can always direct them to the ‘‘Getting Started’ section of the User Help Center instead.

3. Focus your conversations on highlighting all of the wonderful ways the app improves their coworking experience

5 Simple Ways to Encourage Mobile Adoption by your Members

Whether you’re speaking with your members via email or in person, framing the conversation is essential. Remember at the end of the day, your app is packed with some pretty awesome benefits for your members. Some examples of benefits you could share include:

  • Add your credit card information, review, and pay for invoices – all from your phone
  • Build and maintain your connections with your coworking community through in-app chat
  • Review your plan details and remaining monthly allowance with a few quick taps
  • Report an issue to your venue manager in seconds to get problems (i.e. broken furniture, slow WiFi) resolved quickly and efficiently

4. Leverage questions they raise as a teaching opportunity

5 Simple Ways to Encourage Mobile Adoption by your Members

Anytime someone comes to you with a request that they can do themselves in-app (booking a meeting room, reviewing their invoice, etc.), treat it as a quick teaching opportunity. Sit down with them and help them to download the app. This way, you empower them to complete the request themselves not only today but in the future, too. Sometimes that five-minute investment can make all the difference with helping them to be more comfortable.

5. Designate a go-to “App Expert” at your venue

5 Simple Ways to Encourage Mobile Adoption by your Members

If you’ve got a Community Manager or someone in charge of IT, this could be a perfect job for them. Don’t have a staff member helping you manage your space? Identify a few members of your space who seem particularly tech-savvy and excited about using the app to be your in-house “app experts.” Designate them as your space’s go-to individuals for teaching new members how to use your app and in exchange, offer them a discount on their monthly membership plan. As an added bonus, this is a great way to build stronger ties among the members of your community, as they help each other focused on a common goal.

We know you have all come up with some creative, fun, engaging ways to get your community pumped up about the amazing features available in your app. Share your favorites with us in the comments!